Block Three Brewing Company, located in the beautiful town of St. Jacob’s in Ontario, Canada, has charmed me again into trying one of their rotational beers.

This time it’s Voyageur, a barrel fermented saison re-fermented on ice wine mus, a collaboration with Microbrasserie À la Fût in Saint-Tite, QC.

Living two hours away from Niagara wine country, I have tried my fair share of ice wine.  It’s not my favourite drink – I find it too sweet, but once in a while I enjoy a little dessert wine.

I don’t generally love sweet beers, so I was very curious how this one would go over. I have always enjoyed saisons, however this year I have found them to be overdone, and many brewery’s are churning out the same flavour profile making it quite boring, and tired.

Voyageur pours a light caramel colour and the head disappears instantly. Taking a sniff of the beer I could clearly pick out sweet white wine, however I do not know if I would have identified it as ice wine specifically had I not known that’s what they use.

Voyageur saison

Taking my first sip was very refreshing and quite the explosion of flavours.  Saisons are already very flavourful since they tend to be fruity and spicy, so adding the ice wine must added an entirely new element.

I was impressed with how well the flavours went together.  While the beer was sweeter than what I normally drink, I didn’t find it to be too sweet, but very enjoyable.  The barrel aging added a nice oaky flavour that helps to balance everything out.

In my opinion, Voyageur from Block Three Brewing is a refreshingly new spin on the overdone saison, making it a must for anyone looking to try something new.


  • ABV: 7.0%
  • IBU: N/A
  • Style: Sour saison
  • Taste: Sweet, slight oak, fruity
  • Rating 4.25/5
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