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“A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.” ~ Czech Proverb
There are many beers in the world, and many tastes when it comes to beer. Here at The Craft Beer Diaries, however, there’s only one beer worth talking about, and that’s the beautiful world of craft beer.

Our goal here is simple – to share the best in local craft beers and brewing from all over the world. We’ll talk to brewmasters, fellow craft beer fans, home brewers, and more.

We’ll also share some of the best beer festivals, tastings, brewmaster dinners, and other community events, so you can meet up with fellow craft beer lovers near you.

Good beer. Good people. Good times. Because isn’t that what life should be about? Cheers!

The Drinkers
meet your fellow crafters
Danny Brown

Founder of The Craft Beer Diaries. Husband. Father. Writer. Never says no to a good single malt. Making up for lost time in the appreciation of craft beer. Favourite beers: IPAs, Belgian Trappist, porters.


Andrij Harasewych
Editor at The Craft Beer Diaries. Devoted husband and father. Excessively geeky. Comic books, video games, and craft beer are my vices. Favorite beers: anything that ends in IPA, specifically DIPAs.

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Ryan Heighton

The Bar of Ontario isn’t the only bar to which he’s been called. Misses drinking at the SkyDome. Enjoying Waterloo Region one (sometimes two) craft beer at a time. Favourite beers: anything hoppy.


Mickey Gomez

Writer. Singer. Artist. Reader. Endlessly curious. Enjoys laughter, All Dogs, and great beer. She lives in Maryland, home of countless fabulous breweries. Favorite beers: Belgian saisons, goses, pumpkin ales, IPAs, stouts, and more.


Bill Smith

Bill Smith is a Toronto-based storyteller, writer, blogger, photography geek, ski bum, and outdoors enthusiast who likes to stray off the beaten path. His favourite beers include IPAs, brown ales, porters and pale ales.

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Sheldon Levine

A marketer by trade, Sheldon has been exploring beer since before he probably should have. He can’t go to a new town without sampling some of the local brews available and is usually willing to try anything new.

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Allison Needham Couillard

In addition to being a beer lover, Allie is a nerd who loves to read, bake, travel, and eat. Allie and her husband, Tim, have been known to base travel destinations on the number of local breweries. Her favorite beers are browns, sours, citrusy IPAs, and anything tart.


Scott Hawes
Scott Hawes is a happily married father of two boys. A native Rhode Islander who loves the Philadelphia Flyers, beer league hockey, karaoke, and co-founder of French Hawes Beer Reviews on YouTube. Favorite beer styles: Double IPA and New England IPA.

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Jeff Leduc
Jeff Leduc
Jeff is a foodie from northwest Rhode Island that loves family, friends and beer. He enjoys shooting sports and loves the outdoors. He is also the other half of French Hawes Beer Reviews on YouTube. Favorite Beer Styles: IPA, Double IPA.

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Sam Fiorella

Sam’s love of beer is an extension of his love of, well, all things alcoholic. From fine aged wine to single-malt Scotch to expertly crafted beers, his only prejudice is quality; life is too short to endure poor quality beer. A proper footy fan, favourite beers are strong Belgian Ales, Stouts, and Porters.



Olivia is a full time hop head focusing mostly on IPA’s, however, she also can be found drinking sours, stouts, pale ales, and – on rare occasion – ales. Olivia spends her time reading, playing video games, and listening to records.

“Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.” ~ Stephen Beaumont

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