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With warm weather, this is going to be a popular choice for IPA fans looking for a New England variant of their favourite beer.

Upside IPA by @WellingtonBrew

#NewEnglandIPA #Ontario #CraftBeer

Whenever it is cold out, it's time to pull out some dark, warming beers.

Long, Dark Voyage to Uranus by @sawdustcitybeer

#Stout #CraftBeer

Spoiler alert: I was not disappointed.

Sparklepuff by @FlyingMonkeys

#TripleIPA #CraftBeer

At first, I wasn't too fussed about this IPA, but after a second go-around this beer really grew on me, chalk it up the choice of hops and malt.

3 Rocks IPA by @thesecondwedge

#EnglishIPA #IPA #Ontario #CraftBeer

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