Wellington Brewery has been around since 1985 located in Guelph Ontario an hour’s drive west of Toronto. One of Ontario’s early craft breweries, Wellington is best known for their Arkell Best Bitter and County Brown Ale.

Their Upside IPA is the topic of today’s review since the temperatures are warming up and the sun is higher in the sky. 

The Upside IPA is part of the new wave of India Pale Ales based on a New England or Vermont style, that are aren’t quite hop monsters like West Coast style IPA’s, yet still pack a hoppy taste.

Appearance-wise, when poured into the glass, the Upside is a hazy pale gold, and I mean hazy as in you can’t see through it. Part of this is due to the use of Vermont yeast in the brewing process. 

Upside ipa

What sets New England IPA’s apart from their West Coast counterparts is the IBU – the Upside clocks in at 58 IBU, while Amsterdam Brewery’s Bone Shaker is 80 and Collective Arts Ransack the Universe is 85.

What you are getting is a well hopped but not an over-hopped India Pale Ale. 

Another difference is the citrus and tropical fruit aroma when you first smell the beer, which is much more up front. The Upside IPA starts out with a strong grapefruit citrus and tropical fruit taste profile, and ends with a clean citrusy finish.  

With warm weather returning, the Upside IPA is going to be a popular choice for IPA fans looking for a New England variant of their favourite beer. In fact, I think New England style IPA’s are going to be popular overall this Summer.

You can find The Upside IPA at Wellington Brewery proper, various LCBO locations and at a variety of bars and restaurants. If the West Coast is getting a little tired, try the Upside instead. 


  • ABV:6.8%
  • IBU: 58
  • Style: New England or East Coast Style India Pale Ale
  • Rating: 4/5
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