Black Ales, Black IPA’s or Cascadian Dark Ales, you don’t see them too often as a core beer. I reviewed Rorschach’s Black IPA a few years back, it was a limited run. 

Just to quickly recap, black ales, black IPA’s or Cascadian dark ales are an American beer style that first surfaced over 20 years in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike the English styles which are a very malt forward beer, black ales have much higher IBUs with more hops used. Also the ABV usually runs higher than English style dark ales, usually anywhere between 5.5 to 7% ABV. 

GoodLot’s Black Ale clocks in at 5.2% ABV which can almost be considered session strength for this beer style. Galina hops are used to provide the bitterness with the added feature Goodlot grows them on the farm beside the brewery. Speaking of which the Black Ale comes in at 65 IBU. 

At first glance for those who are not IPA fans because of the strong bitter taste would shy away from this beer. I say try it. The GoodLot Black Ale starts off nice and malty,  with a bitter finish, Galania hops were used along with Centennial and Cascade all grown on the farm to round things out. While we don’t know what malts were used like the hops, they were locally grown. So, Bitterness, it’s not like an IPA think along the lines of the bitterness you get with 

Super dark chocolate and you’re in the ballpark. In short while this beer clocks in at 65 IBU it doesn’t taste like it. 

I would call this a dark beer for beer drinkers looking for something a bit different from their usual dark ales and want a slightly different taste profile. 

The GoodLot Farmstead Black Ale is available on tap in the beer garden and on occasion in 500 Ml bottles at the on site bottle shop. 

Bill Smith
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Bill Smith
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