Man this has to be the haziest IPA I ever poured for a review.

Based in Caledon Ontario on a farm south of Inglewood, Badlands Brewing has been producing a number of IPA’s and dark ales, some you can find on tap in local restaurants, some you can find at select Beer Store locations in the region.

Today, we’re checking out their Dora #11 IPA you can buy through their bottle shack on the farm. 

Ok first off, the Dora #11 is not an NEIPA, it might look like one, in fact it makes other beers in that category positively transparent in comparison, any more hazy you’ll need to chew it.  

What we have is a double dry hopped IPA, the first hopping was done with Simcoe, Galaxy and El Dorado and the second dry hop was Mosaic and Vic Secret.

The Dora is the experimental IPA that’s continuously tinkered with, the next batch will be different than this one. The brewery describes it best: 

Dora is our exploratory (see what we did there!?) series of beers where we mess around with anything/everything from ingredients to process.

This particular version sees us make a fortuitous mistake. Here at Badlands we’re a very, very small team and we’re always running around trying to do 17 things at once, and periodically that leads to making a mistake. In this case, a dry hopping mistake. We accidentally gave this puppy a 4lb/bbl dry hop on day 2 of active fermentation. But instead of just letting it ride and hoping that hoppiness would be enough, we decided to double down and give it the DDH treatment (i.e. an additional 4lb/bbl dry hop). What we’re left with is the hoppiest beer we’ve made yet.

This particular run is what can be described a happy accident. The scent and taste profile hits you in the face with a 2×4 with tropical fruit salad a bitter citrus/grapefruit being the core of it.

The finish has a spiciness to it and you will feel it in the back of your throat a wee bit. 

Seasoned IPA fans will love this beer the multiple hop varieties will entertain the taste palate.

Those just starting to explore the IPA genre might find the Dora #11 too much of a good thing. 

The only real downside of the Dora #11 IPA is limited run nature of this release, they might still have some in the bottle shed by time of publishing, or, maybe not and you have wait for Dora #12.

All their bottle shed beers come in 500 ML bottles and there’s no tap room so you’re buying on the strength of the description alone on Badland Brewing Company’s social channels and recommendations on Untappd.

I’d keep a close eye on this brewery, and I told you this was beer is really hazy?  


  • Style: DDH IPA 
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • IBU: Not listed 
  • Untappd Reviews
  • Rating: 4 out of 5
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