Left Field Brewery is an East End Toronto gem located just off Greenwood in the north end of Little India. I should declare my bias up front, I am a big fan of their Eephus Oat Brown Ale having reviewed it almost a year ago.

Having gone dark last time, let’s take a look at one of Left Field’s IPAs, in this case, the Prospect. As with all their offerings, Left Field’s owners name their beers after baseball terms.

Pouring Prospect, you can smell grapefruit right off the bat, and with a pale gold colour with white head, we have what seems like a standard IPA, but where Left Field excels is in is execution.

Before we go further in this review, let’s have a quick intermission to explain the concept of single hopping. The majority of ales out there run with more than one hop variety to build a more intricate taste profile.

Nickelbrook, with their Naughty Neighbour APA, Wicked Awesome NE IPA, and Cheeky Bastard Stout, use multiple hops to build a complex taste profile for each beer. Good breweries list their hops either on the can/bottle or on the website

A single hop beer relies on that particular hop variety to build the taste profile. With Left Field’s Prospect, each batch is done with a different hop variety. The Prospect hop is DDH Simcoe.

If you smell grapefruit, that’s what you’re getting. With a lovely citrus and piney taste, Left Field’s food pairings include grilled hamburgers and poutine.

The Prospect is a solid home run, it is a limited rotating beer available at the brewery in 355ml cans and on tap at the brewery. Once done, another hop variety will be used in the next batch.



Featured image at the top provided by Left Field Brewery.
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