The Rattle ’n’ Nemo Irish Red Ale is the core “dark ale” in Milton Brewery Orange Snail Brewer’s core line up.

While the Iron Pig Pale Ale and Jasper 16 IPA get the most attention, the Rattle ’n’ Nemo deserves some too. The beer takes its name from the nearby Mount Nemo Conservation Area on the Niagara Escarpment.  

Red ales are a generic term for anything that’s lighter than a dark ale in colour but way darker than a pale ale. Usually dark amber and red in colour. Irish Red Ales are a variant of English and Irish ales and ironically enough has little profile in Ireland where porters, stouts, and lagers are more popular with drinkers. 

The Rattle ’n’ Nemo when you pour into a glass is very similar to the Second Wedge Monday Night Piper Scottish Ale late last Summer, a dark amber/red colour courtesy the malts used and you do taste the malts.

The taste profile is oat and full grain forward along with a wee bit of chocolate, a nice traditional red ale. What is interesting is the Rattle ’n’ Nemo is not quite as sweet as the Monday night Piper, there’s a bit of a bite from the hops. Scottish ales are slightly less hoppy and sweeter in their profile. 

This is an easy drinking full-bodied ale, that’s drinkable year-round, pairing well with a lot of pub menu favourites. So next St. Patricks Day, raise the Rattle ’n’ Nemo Irish Red instead of a Guinness. 

While the Iron Pig is the only beer in the Orange Snail Brewers core line up available in the Beer Store a couple of LCBO locations, I want to make the case that Rattle ’n’ Nemo should be canned for wider distribution once the brewery grows a bit more in capacity, I think it would sell as well as the Iron Pig Pale Ale.


Available at select local Milton, Ontario area pubs and at Orange Snail Brewery.

Bill Smith
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Bill Smith
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