Block Three Brewing Company  is a small brewery situated in St. Jacob’s, Ontario. Block Three has just three core beers, as well as numerous rotating beers that come in and out of production.

Living in the Kitchener, Waterloo area, Block Three Brewing has quickly become one of the most common beers I come across in the Beer Store, liquor store, and local bars.

While they’ve never  produced any of my all-time favourite beers, they have consistently churned out  quality beer. This, combined with them adding an online store with free workplace delivery to Kitchener/Waterloo, has kept me coming back to Block Three regularly.

Noon on a Weekday pours a beautiful hazy light brown with a thick white head. The scent encompasses the hops, with a slight metallic note. The beer is described to have “a pinch of lemon and orange,” however these notes were very minimal in the scent.

Noon on a Weekday by Block Three Brewing Company

The taste profile is mainly hop forward, however the beer isn’t very bitter – instead, the flavours are very balanced.

While I can’t pinpoint exactly which fruit are in the beer based on taste, there is a delicious citrus flavour that provides s refreshing summery taste.

The name “Noon on a Weekday” is perfect for this beer, it is light but still flavourful and would be perfect to enjoy with lunch on a Tuesday.

This beer is exceptionally refreshing and will appeal to both craft beer drinkers and standard beer drinkers alike, making it one I recommend stocking up on!




Olivia is a full time hop head focusing mostly on IPA's, however, she also can be found drinking sours, stouts, pale ales, and - on rare occasion - ales. Olivia spends her time reading, playing video games, and listening to records.