My friend Alex was on a recent road trip with his wife through Northern Michigan, and part of his trip was visiting local breweries.

On his return, he gifted me two cans of Petoskey Brewing Juicy New England IPA and, damn, it’s good stuff!  

I’ve never been through Michigan, though I have friends who live there or have roots in that state, and I’m well aware of the craft beer scene there.

Petoskey Brewing is a brewpub based in Petoskey, Michigan at the north end of the state, about 20 minutes south of Makinaw City, west of Interstate 75. 

The Juicy came to me in your standard 473ml (or one US Pint) Tallboy can and is a nice easy pour.

Like all New England Style IPAs you get a pale very hazy gold colour in the body with a nice white head. Taking a good sniff, the aroma is citrus and tropical fruit right up front. 

Your taste buds are in for a treat. This has to be one of the smoothest NE IPA’s I’ve come across to date.

You get a solid grapefruit and tropical fruit taste off the top, followed by a very well tamed hoppy bitterness and a finish that is scarily smooth.

I think the use of local spring water from Petoskey contributes to the smoothness of the Juicy New England IPA. 

The only downside is I have one other can of Juicy New England Style IPA to enjoy, but by the time you read this it will be gone and I’ll be sad because this is one of the nicest New England style IPA’s I’ve tried.  

In terms of availability, Petoskey Brewing doesn’t have distribution in Canada save for friends bringing a six pack back from road trips around the state of Michigan, or making the pilgrimage yourself. 

 I don’t know if this beer is only available through the brewery or can be bought at supermarkets or on draft at local pubs in other parts of the state or the US. Hopefully, our American readers can shed some light on distribution. 

To blatantly rip off an old tea commercial that ran on Canadian TV way back in the late 1970s and early ‘80s, only in Michigan you say? Pity. 


  • ABV: 5.7%
  • IBU: 57
  • Style: New England Style IPA
  • Rating:  4.7 out of 5. 
  • Untappd Reviews 
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