It’s a cool late June rainy weekend and I’ve got a really nice stout you might be interested in.

Nickel Brook Brewing Co., out of Burlington, Ontario, is best known for their Naughty Neighbour American Pale Ale (future review), Equilibrium English Style Ale and series of limited run Imperial Stouts, including the Bolshevik Bastard and barrel-aged Kentucky Bastard.

The Cheeky Bastard Stout is a core listing that doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves. 

Clocking in at an easy drinking 4.5% ABV, the Cheeky Bastard is a classic English Stout that falls firmly into the session category of beers. This stout is one you can easily drink year round, paired with hearty dishes and/or by the fireplace or campfire. 

In the glass, it’s almost a completely black colour, with a tan head for the craft drinker who likes their beer opaque. 

Cheeky Bastard stout

The Cheeky Bastard is a malt monster. Right off the bat, there’s chocolate and toasted oats, combined with a long list of malts to provide some really big flavour.

Those used to drinking Guinness poured from the tap in Canada are going to be in for a shock. 

Clocking in at 135 IBU the Cheeky Bastard is also loaded with some hoppy goodness, including German Magnum, Centennial, and Nugget. Compared to the Bolshevik Bastard this stout is less sweet, but then the ABV is almost half. 

Of the Ontario stouts I’ve tried, this is one of my favourites, The Cheeky Bastard is full of flavour from the long list of malts used ,and balanced with the nice grouping of hops. 

If you are a fan of stouts and want to move beyond Guinness and Murphy’s, you owe it to yourself to try this one. 

The Cheeky Bastard is available in 473ML cans at Nickelbrook Brewery in Burlington Ontario, online via their website for Ontario residents only, and at various LCBO locations.

I do wish this stout would be on tap in local bars and restaurants, I think it would do well. 


  • ABV: 4.5% 
  • IBU: 35 
  • Beer Style: English Style Stout 
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5. 
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