Dark and brown ales deserve a lot more attention than they get.

I’ve been doing a series of reviews including the Left Field Eephus, Black Oak Nut Brown, Neudstadt 10w30, and the Haliburton Highlands Honey Brown.

Today it’s the turn of Black Rock Dark Ale from Boshkung Brewing. 

I’ve been wanting to review this beer for over a year. Back in 2017 on my way home from up north, I stopped by Boshkung Brewing and they were sold out.

This year I got lucky and bought a couple of howlers of Black Rock Dark Ale, which has held up well in my fridge. 

Boshkung Brewing

Pouring into the glass the Black Rock is a classic Anglo-North American dark brown ale, darker than the Halliburton Highlands Honey Brown.

Boshkung went to town with the malts, creating a taste pattern that includes dried fruits, caramel, chocolate and coffee, and the flavours play well together. 

If hops aren’t your thing you will love this beer, clocking in at only 23 IBU. It’s not bitter but not too sweet either. 

The Black Rock Dark Ale is a great year around beer you can drink in front of the fireplace, or on the dock or your backyard when the weather is warm.

Another great use is a marinade for grilled meat. Soak the steak or hamburger patty for a few hours before grilling, preferably with flame. 

The great news is Boshkung beers are more available than they used to be. Their beer can be purchased in 473ml tall boy cans online from the brewery, or, if you’re passing through the Halliburtons you can stop by either their Minden brewpub or the main location further north at Highway 118 and 35 in the basement at Rhubarb. 

Boshkung specializes in easy drinking ales and their Black Rock Dark Ale is something I can recommend to drink any time of year. 

  • Beer Style: English/American Dark Ale. 
  • IBU: 23
  • ABV: 5.5% 
  • My rating:  3.9/5.0
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