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Our Flagship IPA. In the 80’s, when the craft brewing revolution started in the US, this style led the way and is the most popular style of craft beer around. Clean and bitter with a strong citrusy fragrance.

My Thoughts

India Pale Ales have been the rage in craft brewing circles for years, and there has been competition between brewmasters on who can make the hoppiest concoction. In some cases, this can make the beer almost undrinkable.

The Instigator IPA does not fall into this camp – it is a really nice beer.

Instigator IPA

As per The Indie Ale House site’s write up, there is the clean bitter taste with citrus notes, so you know you’re getting an IPA when you taste it.

Appearance wise, the beer has a deep gold colour and is best served chilled. I highly recommend this beer – it is versatile when paired with different foods, although it shines with grilled or jerk chicken.

That said, the Instigator works just as well with a pork and bison burger too.

Being part of the core rotation at Indie Ale House, the Instigator is available in the bottle shop, and on tap. Unfortunately for those of us not in the Junction and surrounding neighborhoods, the only place you can buy is the brewpub itself.

Not to worry – now you have an excuse to check out the Indie Ale House in Toronto’s west end!

  • ABV: 6.5%
  • IBU: 80—90
  • Key Ingredients: HOPS!
  • Glass: 16 oz
  • Rating: 3.89 out of 5.
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