Note: this glass was sent to me free of charge by Groovy Guy Gifts, but opinions are my own.

Whenever I go to a local craft brewer, one thing I always do is buy at least one of their branded beer glasses. This has led to a nice collection of them at home, which is great for me, less so my wife.

There’s just something about the branding of some of these glasses that take an ordinary beer glass into a work of art (okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration).

So you can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on a branded beer glass for The Craft Beer Diaries, courtesy of Joe Debicella at Groovy Guy Gifts, in Newtown, Connecticut.

Joe’s head of operations at Groovy Guy Gifts, and he reached out to ask if I’d be interested in receiving a glass to try. Better still, I got to choose which one, so of course I went for the classic beer stein.

The Craft Beer Diaries Beer Stein

After taking a look at the various products over at the Groovy Guy Gifts website, as I mentioned I settled on the branded beer stein. This is one of my favourite style of beer glasses, period.

Not only does it remind me of the kind of beer glasses used in the little pubs back in the UK when I was a young man, but it’s just one of these glasses that feels like a proper beer glass.

Sure, I love me a good IPA Spiegelau, or a Belgian Trappist, and all the other types of glasses that make drinking craft beer even more enjoyable.

But the beer stein is just… different. As soon as you hold it and it’s full of beer, you can tell this is a glass that was meant to enjoy beer in.

branded beer glass

The glass itself is a good, chunky piece of glassware. I’ve had some glasses (from craft brewers) that feel flimsy and light in comparison, so it’s nice to see this isn’t the case here.

It’s a great glass for drinking an English ale from, or a lager, or even a red ale. For the purists, you probably wouldn’t pour an IPA in this, or a Belgian (though that’s exactly what I did in the picture on the right!).

But you know what? Sometimes it’s nice to mix things up, and go with glasses that aren’t the “proper glass” for the occasion. The taste is still great, and holding a stein while you drink is always a great experience.

Heck, they’re good enough for the German Oktoberfest, so who are we to argue? 🙂

Get Your Own Branded Beer Glass

As part of me reviewing this glass, Joe kindly offered a coupon for anyone (over the legal drinking age) to use, so you can get your own branded glass.

There are a bunch of styles over at Groovy Guy Gifts, including growlers, goblets, flights, and more. So no matter what kind of beer you drink, there should be something there.

Prices are pretty reasonable (the beer stein is $19.99 USD, for example), and with the coupon offering an extra 10% off, this is your chance to have your own branded glass.

All you need do is visit the Groovy Guy Gifts website, choose your product(s), enter the branding/wording you want on the glass, and then when you’re at checkout, enter the coupon code below:


That’ll give you an extra 10% saving on your purchase. My recommendation – if you get more than one glass, get the beer stein while you’re at it, it’s well worth it!

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