When it comes to craft beer, using the right glass makes a world of difference. Sure, you could drink from the can/bottle, but then you may as well just drink Budweiser… 😉

See, the thing about craft beer is that it’s created with passion, so to truly enjoy it the way the brewers made it, you should invest in some quality glassware.

Think about it – if you were ordering a high-grade steak at a quality restaurant, would you eat it on a paper plate, with plastic cutlery as your eating partner? No, and rightly so.

The same goes for craft beer – with the amount of styles, flavours, and experimentation that craft brewers put into their creations, drinking from the right glass is the least we can do to really savour the pour.

So, what kind of glass goes best with your preferred style of beer?

The Teku

One of the things I love about the Teku is that it’s a great glass for pretty much any beer you want to drink. From IPAs to stouts, sours to wheat beers and more, this classy glass concentrates the aroma to enhance your beer tasting experience.

Personally, I love using the Teku for seasonal beers. So, Imperial stouts, Double IPAs, and experimental beers like the fantastic Midas Touch from Dogfish Head.

Midas Touch by Dogfish head

Because of the stemmed shape, and the way the glass curves from bottom to top, the Teku really focuses the attention on the beer, allowing the aroma to hit you first, and keeping the taste of the beer intact from start to finish.

If you only ever buy one glass to enjoy your craft beer, make it the Teku.

The Belgian

As the name suggests, this is the perfect glass for Belgian ales. From Trappists to Abbeys, Bocks, Tripels and beyond, this little glass really emphasizes the mix of flavours that great Belgian ales are famous for.

Similar to a brandy glass, this is perfect for swirling your beer to mix the aromas and ingredients, to deliver a lasting taste that highlights the complexity of the style.

The Belgian beer glass

That being said, much like the Teku you can use this glass for a variety of pours. Stouts and IPAs in particular work well in this style of glass.

The Spiegelau

Recognized as the glass to drink an IPA from, the Spiegelau really highlights the various hops and yeast that an IPA is known for.

The wider body directs the head and taste to the top of the glass, while retaining the flavour from pour to finish, thanks to the contours of the glass.

Spiegelau IPA glass

The top of the glass, much like a whisky snifter, allows you to savour the hoppy aroma while keeping the head of the pour. A classic glass style for a classic craft beer.

The Belgian Trappist

While Belgian beers can be enjoyed through the Belgian glass included earlier in this post, the Belgian Trappist is where things get serious.

A wide-rimmed glass that tapers from the rim, this is the ideal glass for savouring the very best that Belgian ales have to offer.

Belgian Trappist

Allowing for an appreciation of the Belgian ale yeast aroma, this glass is perfect for settling down to truly enjoy the craftmanship that goes into Trappist ales in particular, but also Belgian ale brewed with love for the craft.

The Tulip

Another classic craft beer glass, the Tulip can also be used for a variation of styles. You can use it for stouts and IPAs, though – for me – the Tulip really comes into its own for Pilsners.

The shape of the Tulip really promotes the hops of a Pilsner, while the bulbous bottom enhances the pour, ensuring the taste is expanded before meeting your mouth.

The Tulip beer glass

While this type of glass is great for Pilsners, it’s also a really good one for stouts, especially the Imperial kind.

The Hefeweizen

When the weather is hot, and you need a crisp, refreshing beer, the Hefeweizen is the go-to glass for such an occasion.

While great for Pilsners or similarly hopped brews, the Hefeweizen really comes into play when you pour a wheat beer into it.

The shape accentuates the lighter hops, while the beer benefits from a taller glass, allowing the head to remain alongside the flavour.

Beat the Heat

Want a great summer craft beer? Look for the brewers and bars that support the beer this this glass was made for.

Beer is Made for Enjoying

While this post curates a collection of beer glasses to really enjoy your craft pour, at the end of the day, it comes down to you.

Want to drink out of a red solo cup? Have at it. Prefer drinking from a can or bottle? Again, have at it.

But, if you really want to savour the beer you’re drinking, think about getting a glass that can help you do that.

Sure, it may not make you change your drinking habits. But, just for a while, it will make you appreciate how beer is meant to taste. And how can that ever be wrong?

Danny Brown
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