When my husband and I visit his family in New Hampshire each summer and Christmas, one of the places that we have to make sure we check off of our list is Throwback Brewery in North Hampton, NH.

We first discovered Throwback (named for both “a throwback to how pre-prohibition breweries operated and “the community aspect of “throwing back” a beer with friends”) shortly after it opened in 2011.

At the time, they were a tiny operation located in an industrial park; their patrons sat in lawn chairs at cable spool tables that had been pulled out into the parking lot when the garage door was open, and beer could only be served in 4 ounce pours.

Between the quality & variety of beer and the laid-back atmosphere, we immediately loved Throwback.

When we found out that the owners, Nicole Carrier and Annette Lee, had purchased and were moving the brewery to nearby Hobbs Farm, we were excited for their growth, but a little bummed about losing that low-key vibe.

We shouldn’t have worried at all!

They’ve maintained the relaxed atmosphere while expanding their beer production and providing customers with a variety of delicious farm-to-table dishes.

Silverware comes wrapped in bandana napkins, and each order is paired with a bobblehead doll to keep track of each tab and locate where the customer is sitting.

Their impressive collection includes characters from iconic movies, TV shows, and comic books.

Farm-to-table food and beer are at the heart of Throwback’s philosophy.

They strive to make sure that as many of their ingredients as possible are sourced within 200 miles; this includes ingredients grown right at Hobbs Farm such as hops, berries, coriander, and chamomile.

They have several year-round dishes, but menu items and specials often change with the seasons.

They’ve also started offering some stunning, fresh cakes and pastries that are often posted on their Facebook page.  (Warning: may induce drooling.)

The ‘Kitchen Sink Cake’, just one of the mouthwatering treats whipped up by Throwback’s pastry chef. (Photo credit: Throwback Brewery)

In addition to their emphasis on local ingredients, Throwback’s dedication to sustainability is also evident in their rooftop solar panel array which powers approximately 50% of the brewery.

Carrier & Lee are hoping to add a windmill in the future to further their green initiative. Carrier contends, “Being green is very much part of our company DNA.”

Between the delicious brews, scrumptious food, and easy-going character, it’s no wonder that Throwback has drawn so many beer-lovers, both local and travelers.

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Their commitment to running a top-notch brewery & gastropub has also garnered several awards, with recent ones including being voted Best Brewery (Best of NH awards) and also being named the 2017 Women Owned Business of the Year- New England by the Small Business Association.

A flight, fish tacos, and a pork rib sandwich special with sweet potato fries… seriously scrumptious!

Clearly Nicole & Annette are passionate about craft beer.

They look forward to continued expansion of and collaboration among craft brewers with a commitment to producing high-quality products, a factor that is highly important in maintaining success in a market that must compete with both large beverage companies as well as the growing spirits industry.

What began as an entry in a friend’s annual home brew competition (in which they won 2 of the 3 blue ribbons – unheard of for newbies!) has developed into a splendid experience in craft beer and delectable food not to be missed.

Look out for our in-depth interview with Nicole in an upcoming post.

Allison Needham Couillard

Allison Needham Couillard

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