I asked The Hubs to pour a beer for me from our “travel selection.”. He chose an Edison from Garrison City Beerworks.

Knowing I was about to write a review, he made me promise to do it justice before cracking the can.

I was even more excited when I sat down to have my second first taste of this beer than when we opened the door to the brewery in which we found ourselves after a failed trip to a sculpture park.

We were supposed to meet friends at Bedrock Gardens in Lee, NH, but, due to the antique car parade that included Bedrock Gardens as a key stop, we were unable to find parking.

Almost as disappointing as failing to enter what is supposed to be an amazing spectacle of a park was not being able to see our friend Kristin in her vintage VW Beetle nor her dad, Willy, in his Model T.  With heavy hearts, The Hubs and I just started driving.

Ice Cream at the UNH Dairy Bar helped to ease our sorrows, but it was going to take more than a delicious frozen treat at a train station to alleviate our sadness at missing out on a NH landmark and our friends.

We meandered along New Hampshire roads until we found ourselves in downtown Dover, NH.  A quick Google search told us that there was a brewery nearby: Garrison City Beerworks.

We wandered into a small yet busy brewery and found ourselves two seats at the bar.

As we do at any new brewery, we ordered a flight so we could taste each beer that was currently on tap.

A fact important to this story: my husband and I are both science teachers; related fact: I used to teach math.

That being said, upon viewing the lineup of beers produced by Garrison City Beerworks, The Hubs and I immediately fell in love with this brewery.

They have beers named after science concepts and mathematical formulae.  Dearest readers, I almost died of happiness.

Also… their flight paddles… So. Freaking. Fantastic.

Because it was within an hour of closing on a Sunday when we arrived, they were pretty low on available brews.

Apparently they’re popular enough to kick kegs fairly regularly.  Damn.

I’ll admit… I’d be willing to write a kickass review for this brewery based on cans alone… despite the fact that they don’t (yet) have a Fibonacci beer.

(Believe me, as a nerd with a favorite mathematical pattern – Fibonacci, obviously – I asked where it was.)

Apparently the owners are a former engineer and medical professional.  They were hesitant to make a Fibonacci beer because people thought the Box and Whisker was a cat-themed beer.  Here’s more info on the actual meaning.)

The Hubs and I eyeballed each other.  Should we just pay and walk out now before tasting the beer so we could love the brewery simply based on the names of its beers?

But, no… we HAD to try them… right?

The Edison was the first we tried.  Sweet Tesla, it was close-your-eyes scrumptious.  An opaque, juicy DIPA, it was citrusy without being tart, and it allowed the hop flavor to shine through without being bitter.

I turned to The Hubs with wide eyes almost literally brimming with tears because the beer matched the awesomeness of the name and labels.

The other brews we tried, Synapse, Hypothesis, and Stalwart – a peanut butter and jelly brew I never thought I’d enjoy- were also quite noteworthy.

While the draft was superior, the can, 3 months later, didn’t disappoint the palate or the memory. (Though, forced to choose, I’d pick draft over can.)

To paraphrase one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes, (science is my thing, but I’m an all-around nerd), though Edison may be but nerdy, she is fan-freaking-tastic.

Do yourself a favor: try it.  Try all of them.  What fools you’d be if you didn’t.


  • ABV: 8%
  • IBU: 60
  • Style: Double India Pale Ale
  • Rating: 4.5/5
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Allison Needham Couillard

Allison Needham Couillard

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