The time to prepare has long passed. Winter is Here …is here.

Brewery Ommegang and HBO continue their stellar team-up, releasing their brand-new 8.3% ABV Belgian-Style Double White Ale, aptly named Winter is Here, complete with imposing Night King on the label.

After our previous review of Brewery Ommegang + HBO Bend the Knee, it seems we got the attention of Brewery Ommegang and HBO, who very kindly sent us this gift pack including Winter is Here and the previously released Fire and Blood Red Ale, along with a beautiful commemorative glass.

Pouring a hazy, golden yellow, this beer has incredibly massive, creamy head with strong retention and good lacing. The moderate carbonation keeps a nice cap of foam on the beer as you drink it. Just an absolutely inviting beer visually.

The belgian yeast is most prominent in the aroma, with orange and lemon citrus alongside the coriander and pepper, with pale malt notes throughout.

Much more flavorful than a typical witbier, and not far from the aroma, the soft wheat flavors are complimented by lemon and orange citrus notes, coriander and pepper. Unlike the aroma, I could also pick out notes of apples and bananas in the taste.

Although the ABV is at 8.3%, you never really taste the booze flavor some stronger beers are unable to avoid, but once you get to the end of a this bottle you will be feeling it. There is a slight grassy/herbal wheat bitterness to the beer, but it is mitigated by the strong malt backbone.

Not exactly a winter beer, this seems better suited for the warm summer months, but I would still pop this open in the bitter cold. It’s just good, and the spices set it apart from the usual summer witbier offerings.

Drinking smoothly with a medium body and ample carbonation, this finished crisp with a sticky mouthfeel that left me wanting more. Complex, robust, and with an incredible balance between the fruity yeast, the spices, the bitter notes, and the strong malt flavors, I will be grabbing a few bottles for my beer fridge.

Winter is Here is available in 750ml single bottles, on draft, and paired alongside Fire and Blood Red Ale in a collectible gift pack. Suggested retail price is $11.99 for the individual bottles and $23.99 for the two-bottle gift pack with commemorative glass.


  • ABV: 8.3%
  • Style: Belgian-Style Double White Ale
  • Rating: 4.3/5
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Note: Thank you again to Brewery Ommegang and HBO for providing this gift pack. This fact did not affect the review in any way, shape or form. Although we do accept samples, at The Craft Beer Diaries we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity, and a free offer does not guarantee a review will be written, nor a positive one at that.


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