I love a shower beer as much as the next person, but between the exhaustion of raising a 4 year old and a 2 month old and an injury from my youth that still haunts my lower back, sometimes it’s nice to just fill the tub and get off my feet for a bit.

I’m also no stranger to a hot tub beer, it’s a summer pastime at this point, as the shore house we go to each summer has one, but, alas, none at home, so bath it is.

Completely immersing yourself in hot water while drinking a cold beer is really just perfection for me at this point, the perfect way to melt away the stress from any day. Tonight’s beer was a wonderful Hazy IPA, The Rising Phoenix from Double Nickel Brewing Company (which I’m still finishing as I write this post, fresh out of the bath!).

Double dry hopped with Citra, Amarilla, & Sabro and a beautiful Phoenix design on the label, I easily spotted this one in the fridge at local beer haunt The Foodery and had to grab a few. I’ve never gone wrong choosing Double Nickel before.

I love a good, straightforward beer. This one isn’t pretending to be something it’s not. Another pitch-perfect example of why Double Nickel is a top brewery on the East Coast. The sweet clementine, tangy bursts of tangerine and stone fruit, wrapped up in a satisfying helping of hoppiness.

I’m already quickly learning my lesson with ABV for this Bath Beer series – I should probably stray below the 6% line, as halfway through I’m already feeling it. Lilya (my newborn) is currently sleeping what should be her longest sleep, so we should be more than fine. I’ll be sipping on this one for a bit, waiting for the next feeding, getting some more work in while I can.

Andrij Harasewych
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