With my birthday on the 18th of April, and the high holiday not long after that (4/20), my friends thought it would be nice to surprise me with some interesting brews.

They decided to take a trip down to Double Nickel and pick up their limited-edition Mega Dank 420 Kush Daddy Supreme, re-released (and now sold out in can form) for their 4/20 event.

I have to admit, I hadn’t been wholly impressed by Double Nickel Brewing Company. That sounds worse than it is.

I’m not disappointed in them at all, I just hadn’t found anything that really set them apart. Their beers are all good, but always seemed to be a bit too by-the-book for me.

Taking a closer look at Double Nickel, however, I realize I hadn’t given them the chance they deserve. I’ve only ever had beers from their core series.

In their words, “Our core series is our homage to classic beer styles. Inspired by the past, without gimmicks or clever language, the product is exactly what is advertised: A Modern-Brewed Classic for anytime drinking.”

It’s then I realized they did exactly what they set out to do. A clear line of modern-brewed on-style beers. Exactly as advertised, without all the flashy marketing or name-dropping.

Given this new perspective, I have a newfound respect for this New Jersey craft brewery. I had only come across them at the occasional beer festival or tasting at local establishments, so this chance to try some limited edition beer from their stable was much welcomed.

Pouring a dark amber red with several fingers of white, quickly dissipating head and the lightest of lacing, you can immediately smell the cornucopia of scents coming from the glass.

Citrus flavors like orange and grapefruit combine with pear, stone fruits and even a touch of watermelon.

I commented to my friends that I’d like to shrink myself down and live inside the glass, floating atop a small inner tube for the rest of my life. It was almost hard to start drinking, knowing I would have less to smell.

The taste is simple, yet still difficult to describe, the same points as in the aroma, but combining alongside a mild hop bitterness.

Some hop heads may say it’s a bit light on the bitter, but I welcome this. It’s bright and inviting right from the first sip, begging you to continue, and could be a bit dangerous in that regard because before you know it, the beer is gone.

Light to medium-bodied, intensely crushable, even with 7% ABV. A dank, hazy IPA for hop fans and neophytes alike. The Mega Dank 420 Kush Daddy Supreme is, in my opinion, a beer of beers. Absolutely phenominal.

Now I am definitely interested in visiting Double Nickel, just to see what else they have on tap!

Although cans are sold out at the brewery, they still have a limited amount on tap, available for growler or crowler fills (confirmed by staff on their Facebook page as late as Monday, April 23rd).

Be sure to get this one while you still can. I still have two cans stashed in my fridge. I want to drink them… but I’ll be sad to see them gone.


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