During our summer travels, we (the hubs and I) discovered that a friend from home was also traveling and had landed nearby (“Nearby” meaning “also somewhere in New England”).

We decided that it would be ridiculous if we didn’t meet up somewhere, so, upon perusing Google Maps, it was determined that Worcester, Massachusetts was halfway between our locations. Better yet, Worcester had a couple of breweries. Score!

A mere 45 minutes west of Boston lies Worcester, home of Wormtown Brewery. Wormtown beers were completely new to us, so our expectations were pretty low.

They shouldn’t have been.

Wormtown, also a nickname for Worcester, doesn’t occupy a huge space (although they are expanding), but their beer was absolutely high quality.

We enjoyed their flagship beer, Be Hoppy IPA; we loved their Be Hoppier IPA. Other brews they had on draft, such as their Blonde Cougar Summer Ale, Joe Z Coconut Porter, and MAXican lager were also worth the drive.

The brewery is proud of its local heritage. Each beer is named after something directly related to Worcester. An upbeat yet low-key vibe permeated the brewery and staff. All on the brief, free tour were encouraged to bring a beer.

It was clear everyone working there really loved being a part of the Wormtown family.

When it was time to leave, we were faced with the dilemma of which cans to bring home to our beer-nerd friends. We almost brought the Be Hoppier home because we knew we loved it. However, there was one in the case that wasn’t available on draft.

Being science nerds in addition to beer nerds, and now trusting that Wormtown wouldn’t let us down, we chose to bring home a 4-pack of Bottle Rocket despite – and because – we hadn’t yet tasted it.

Wormtown’s Bottle Rocket, named for local icon Dr. Robert Goddard, Father of the Modern Rocket, didn’t disappoint. A light yet flavorful pale ale, Bottle Rocket gives a hoppy flavor on the front of the tongue without being overwhelming.

It satisfies my hop-loving husband, yet it also works well for someone like me who enjoys hops but doesn’t want her palate ruined by hop overload.  Bottle Rocket also contains hints of citrus without being fully juicy.  Overall, it is exactly what Wormtown says it is, a “nicely balanced pale ale.”

We plan on stopping in Wormtown next summer to purchase it again. If you find yourself nearby, do yourself a favor, and grab a Bottle Rocket of your own.


Allison Needham Couillard

Allison Needham Couillard

In addition to being a beer lover, Allie is a nerd who loves to read, bake, travel, and eat; she also has a killer sock collection. Allie and her husband, Tim, have been known to base travel destinations on the number of local breweries. Her two dogs, Newton and Sheldon, aren't beer drinkers, but they do support her hobby by tagging along to dog-friendly breweries and drinking in the sunshine while she drinks everything else. Favorite beers: browns, sours, citrusy IPAs, anything tart and refreshing
Allison Needham Couillard

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