Founded by three friends in Somerville, Massachusetts, Aeronaut Brewing Company opened June 21, 2014 in an area where a brewery hadn’t been seen in over a century.

They set up shop in a historic envelope factory and currently distribute throughout Massachusetts and southeastern New Hampshire. Their taproom is open seven days a week and has a calendar packed full of live music and entertainment.

Aeronaut’s 3 Years with Dr. Nandu is the brewery’s anniversary Double IPA. Dr. Nandu was the first beer the founder’s brewed together before they opened, and they’ve brewed a version of it every year since.

A Double IPA (also known as an Imperial IPA) tends to be maltier and higher in alcohol than their little brother IPA. Their alcohol content ranges from 7-14 %ABV.

This can make for some short nights for sure. They’re extremely hoppy, which draws a beer loving following, and they are certainly not for a light palate.

The packaging for this brew gets an A+ in my eyes. I particularly like the use of the can’s tab as the signature symbol.  It is a familiar trademark on all of their cans. Now on to the beer!

This Dr. Nandu checks in at 7.6% sporting mosaic hops. It brings a nice cloudiness once it is poured with minimal head and chooses not to lace a glass. The aroma is strong with tropical fruits and juices, and at this point I simply need to drink it…!

As doubles tend to be malty and almost heavy, this one brings a pleasant smoothness and I guess lightness. You can pick up the flavors of mango and pineapple that you smell when your mouth hits the glass.

It’s not as malty as most doubles, which is a great feature, as this tends to drown out the pleasant hoppiness of the mosaics.

3 Years with Dr. Nandu is a fantastic beer. The biggest drawback is the limited release. If they would/could make it a regular that would be great but I understand what they are doing. Seek this one out and stockpile it!


Jeff Leduc

Jeff Leduc

Jeff is a foodie from northwest Rhode Island that loves family, friends and beer. He enjoys shooting sports and loves the outdoors. He is also the other half of French Hawes Beer Reviews on YouTube. Favorite Beer Styles: IPA, Double IPA.
Jeff Leduc
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