First Impressions

The beauty of a local coffee roaster comes in many flavors. Their unique styles, vibes, and expertly brewed coffee offers customers an experience that big chains can often only dream to match.

But success breeds success, and even a humble small business can quickly bloom into a multi-location, cross-county staple. Such is the case with Southdown Coffee, found in, well, several towns in New York (four stores in total–so far!). Originally opened in Huntington, NY; we decided to check out their Glen Cove spot where they do their roasting.

No doubt you’ll be happy to visit any of their locations. But this one in particular stood out to us as we were excited to glimpse where the actual roasting takes place. The layout is surprisingly spacious considering the fact that much of the room is occupied by bean sacks and equipment. Despite these production items, the owners have done a fantastic job trying to optimize this building in a welcoming, homey manner.

But while we were impressed by the atmosphere (and service) how did the beans stack up?

When mood is as good as brew!

But What About the Coffee?

Southdown presents an impressive range of different coffee bean origins. Whether you’re looking for a lighter, fruity flavor profile, or a darker, maltier type of natural sweetness, you’ll have no shortage of great options–all of which can be recommended by their expert staff.

So what did we go with?

Jackie’s Drink

Always a fan of an expertly blended latte, Southdown’s did not disappoint. The freshly roasted beans really shined through here–mixed perfectly with my choice of maple syrup and oat milk.

There’s not much else to say here–other than the fact that this is indeed an “A” grade coffee experience!

Joe’s Drink

If you’re looking for a pour over brew, Southdown might be the best around. What stood out most was the starting engagement: Southdown offers several pour over options, unlike many other roasters which sometimes only feature one, or will make a pour over for any bean of your choice.

Either of these options can still lead to a great cup of coffee, but in our experience, having several specifically chosen beans for this specific brewing method is a sign of expert roasting. And boy, did they not disappoint!

I went with both a Kenyan bean (described as featuring a lighter, lemon and tea body) as well as a darker Columbian bean (more of a malty chocolate vibe). Both were spectacular, and I can’t wait to return to try their other freshly brewed options! If you’re anywhere near the area, you’ll definitely want to give them a drink!

Listen to our Full Thoughts (and Grade)!

So what else did we think about Southdown’s mood? Their food? The awesome bathroom mural? What is our final “A” through “F” letter grade? Listen via the player below—or search for “A Grade” wherever you listen to podcasts to find out!

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