First Impressions

It’s not often that you’re greeted by three beautiful golden retrievers at the door to a brewery — but that was exactly what we were met with on our journey to Six Harbors Brewing Company in Huntington, NY.

Granted, not everyone is a “dog-person”, and so if they’re not your jive, then this experience might not be for you. But for all others who enjoy man’s best friend (and some pretty good beers), this is certainly a unique brewery that you’ll feel comfortable and welcome in.

The many diverse spaces here make Six Harbors a great spot to find your niche. Whether you’re stopping by alone to check out their vibe, or you want to come with a large group of friends, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor nooks for your convenience. Particularly exciting are their plans for outdoor expansion on the sides of their building.

Ahh…nothing quite like the dog days of summer…

The friendly atmosphere is supported by a spot-on local theme (“Six Harbors” referring to the six harbors around the town). Impressions of this community feel can be seen all around. From stunning vintage maps to barrel tables, this brewery nails the northeast maritime motif without feeling pushy or cliché.

But What About the Beer?

Six Harbors has a unique set-up as made clear by the several fermentation vessels standing right behind the bar. Indeed, with this relatively large space (originally a laundromat), they could’ve just as well finagled their brewing equipment to be a bit more sequestered. Instead, all hands are on deck here, the head brewer working the bar, making his beer, and spending quality time getting to know his patrons. This is a brewer, and brewery, that cares about the community.

As such, it’s no surprise that the beers themselves all feature local/nautical names. From Nathan Hale Pale Ale to Loyd Harbor Lite House Lager, there’s sure to be a refreshing seasonal drink for everyone. But what are our favorites?

Jackie’s Favorite Brew

Summer is, of course, a time for crisp, refreshing, and drinkable brews. As such, any good brewery near the beach should feature some lighter drinks. Such is what you can expect with Six Harbors’ Crescent Beach Blonde. Flavorful yet still light, this ale will settle you into wherever you decided to relax: at the bar, outside, or on some cozy couches!

Would’ve preferred six glass flights, but I guess we’ll just have to go for round two!

Joe’s Favorite Brew

With the “haze craze” perhaps having finally reached its apex, breweries seem more and more to be exploring more diverse styles. At least in the northeast US, in recent years there were breweries that might almost exclusively feature IPAs on their tap lists. Today, it’s a welcome surprise to finally see Kölsch, stout, and sour style brews on menus all around. A secondary impact of this beerversification is that those remaining IPAs have to come across as balanced, flavorful, and unique — which is exactly what Six Harbor’s Seclusion Infusion is.

You’ll be happy to choose this IPA as the hoppy profile is clearly chosen with a delicate balance of flavors in mind.

Listen to our Full Thoughts (and Grade)!

What else did we love — or have suggestions on — for an already really strong brewery? How were the other beers? What did Joe think about the bathroom? Give a listen to our podcast episode for our answers (and of course, final grade!).

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