First Impressions

One of the best aspects of enjoying a craft brewery is often their local flavor (literally and aesthetically). While every brewery’s focus is to produce the best beer possible, the craft industry offers many more layers of experience for near-by-residents and out-of-towners alike.

This week we took a 45 minute trip to Peconic County Brewing (PCB) in Riverhead New York. Drawn by online images of huge windows, friendly staff, and dang good looking food, this is a brewery that appears from all first glances like a unique neighborhood staple within this small village downtown.

Granted, this was not our first voyage here — but it was the first time we came with our grading books ready to review a brewery that has stood out to us in the past as large yet still somehow cozy for its size.

Upon entering, this is indeed a big but welcoming space. While there may be some opportunities to drive home the local tone even more, PCB is a comfortable, welcoming, and warm atmosphere where one could see themselves becoming a regular. The staff was friendly, talkative, and receptive to our questions and comments.

But What About the Beer?

PCB offers a pretty diverse range of craft beers. Whether you’re a hop head IPA fan or looking for a refreshing amber lager, there’s a fine (and rotating) list of drinks that is sure to satisfy lovers of any style they choose.

Jackie’s Favorite Brew

Seasonal brews are a staple of the craft beer industry. Livelihoods are made by the annual fervor of pumpkin ale and Oktoberfest lager fans. Even summertime has its place in the cannon of seasonal brewing though — and when the weather gets hot, not much else beats a refreshing summer ale.

Described by the brewery itself as “crushable”, Cooper’s summer Ale is exactly that: a crisp, refreshing, and easy to gulp brew that pairs perfectly with some of their food menu’s heavier items. Pace yourself with this one — especially if you find yourself enjoying a couple of pints during the dog days of summer!

Joe’s Favorite Brew

Craft beer enthusiasts love an original concoction. Some of the more creative brews can seem almost daunting in their names and descriptions — but when one manages to meld unique flavors in an original way, the results (and taste) can be stunning.

Such is the case with PCB’s Sunrise CHAIway Nitro Cream Ale. This new offering is a slam dunk, melding an array of vibes into a single, unified identity. Whether you are someone who drinks chai or not, you’ll definitely want to sample this beer for its complexity — and deliciousness.

Listen to our Full Thoughts (and Grade)!

Peconic County Brewing is certainly a unique space, warm atmosphere, and drink-worthy spot — but what else did we like? Or not like? Crack a beverage of your own and join us on our podcast to hear our full review!

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