First Impressions

Coffee roasters come in all shapes and sizes. Some feature large, sleek architecture and aesthetics, while others prefer to promote a more humble, rural flavor. North Fork Roasting Co., by all accounts, fits in perfect within its village of Southold, NY.

Situated right on the town’s main street, the brown-shingled building looks very much like a house flipped into a community hotspot. Even on a random weekday morning, North Fork is a busy space — albeit a small one. In fact, the roaster’s homey layout almost feels in contrast to the quick, in-and-out pace. While there are beautiful books and wifi, most of the seating is outdoors, so get there early to snag a table.

The bell tolls for coffee…

The full food menu is a huge plus. No doubt North Fork is a great spot if you want to enjoy a full meal with your drink of choice. In fact, even if you’re not a coffee drinker, there are some really interesting food items that may still peak your interest as a new breakfast/lunch hotspot.

But What About the Coffee?

One of the best features of a coffee roaster vs. a regular café is the ability to taste the freshest beans around. As such, roasters are well aware that patrons journey far and wide to enjoy unique flavors. So how does North Fork stack up?

Jackie’s Drink

Lattes are ubiquitous in the coffee world, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a great option for featuring quality beans. Our latte was certainly good, but with such a “neighborhood feel”, we can’t help but to wonder what further community flavors could be featured here — local honey, lavender, etc. These are touches seen in many roasters around the country, although availability is key. No doubt there are other interesting brew options that may stand out to you as a unique alternative when you visit.

Joe’s Drink

A pour over coffee is sometimes a hard one to find — but any roaster worth its weight in beans will feature this brewing option. Quite simply, a “pour over” method is one where you pour the water over the beans in an open vessel. Rather than a closed drip pot, the air flow and pacing allow the best flavors of fresh beans to bloom forth.

North Fork features half a dozen different beans for pour over. Whether you’re a light, medium, or dark roast fan, you’ll have your choice of the pour over that seems best for you. You do, of course, need to know which profile you prefer the best, but such is the way of fast-paced fancy coffee.

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What else did we think about North Fork Roasting Co.? Check out our podcast episode to hear our full review (and grade)!

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