First Impressions

There’s nothing quite like when a brewery nails a specific theme. But what about when that theme is very specific–say…Louisiana bayou specific? Well, that was exactly the vibe at Po’ Boy Brewery in Port Jefferson Station, New York.

It’s hardly the experience you might expect upon pulling into the otherwise unassuming side-street strip mall of red-brick shopfronts. One might even miss the brewery’s small façade if you’re not looking for it–but do look hard. Because inside is a whole other world worth finding.

Painted with trees and wood bar counters, you’re immediately transported to a forest-like, and patently southernly-tinged, brewery mood. Po’ Boy offers a comfortable and spacious environment despite its humble outside appearances. With bar seating, group tables, and board games, you have plenty of options–whether you wish to chum it up with the beertender or have a relaxing night out with friends.

This is certainly a uniquely transformative space–all but teleporting one from the northern suburbia right outside and into a cozy, southerny brewery spot. But does the beer sink or float in these southern themed swamplands?

But What About the Beer?

We weren’t sure what to expect with a woodsy/southern themed brewery. Interestingly, Po’ Boy offers many sour style brews–but only during their Friday night “Sour Patch” tastings. Still, their everyday menu features a pretty wide array of different styles: from IPAs to a pumpkin “Yam” beer.

Perhaps most interesting was their eclectic cider list–which stood out alongside some pretty unique beers!

Jackie’s Favorite Brew

While there were several really good beers on tap, my favorites were surprisingly the ciders! The “Mangolicious” and the “Crisp-Bee Apple” ciders were probably my favorite. And yes, they were as delicious as they sound.

The beer list had some interesting options as well. But what stands out the most to me is how impressive their ciders were in conjunction with these other solid brews.

Joe’s Favorite Brew

Not surprisingly, Po’ Boy’s own website self-labels them as a “Microbrewery & Cidery”. Just as Jackie says, there were some really stand out ciders, but the beers are nothing to scoff at either.

If I had to pick a favorite, I might go with the “Cosmic Mentality” IPA. In an era of the hops arms race, it’s so refreshing to have a 7.5% IPA that doesn’t just taste like you’re drowning in over-bitter clouds. This brew–like their others–is clearly expertly crafted–and most importantly: balanced.

Shout out to their “Pumpkin’ Out” pumpkin/yam beer too. Whether you enjoy the haziness of an IPA or the sweetness of cider, there’s sure to be a drink here for you to relax in the bayou with!

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