First Impressions

We’ve been to all sorts of craft breweries in our travels. Giant, barn-like structures with big lacquered support beams. Smaller brick and mortar historic buildings. Even repurposed churches. But there’s something to be said for a solid, local, intimate vibe that lacks all the hubbub that many much larger breweries feature. As such, Lithology Brewing Co. in Farmingdale, New York is exactly this more modest—though still greatly enjoyable—vibe.

Sandwiched in along a small main street, it’s easy to miss this long, narrow building; and so keep an eye out as you cross the train tracks. Every town worth its weight in hops should want such an intimate little space for their town craft brewery.

No doubt this is a perfect spot for locals to frequent. You won’t be disappointed by the chill atmosphere and diversity of small activities: Jenga, Hook and Ring Game, and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle “Turtles in Time” arcade machine.

While this vibe is certainly a fun one, how does the beer stack up?

But What About the Beer?

Lithology is interesting in that there wasn’t a 100% clear “theme”. Not that this specificity is necessary. Indeed, on the wall by the fermenter tanks in the back, they actually define their naming as thus: “Lithology: 1) The study of the general physical characteristics of rocks. 2) Expectational drinking experience.”

While we weren’t entirely sure how the first meaning appeared in their branding, the second one certainly made much more sense.

We made the wise decision to order the “around the world flight”—i.e. one of everything they had. As we love this option to choose from everything they have to offer, we were hard pressed to each choose a favorite.

Nice taps and touches!

Jackie’s Favorite Brew

I’m well known as someone who struggles with overly hoppy IPAs or too-ripe sour style brews. Such was the case here at Lithology—at least for me. But that’s not to say that I didn’t like a lot of what else they had going on. And in fact, some were quite fantastic!

The “Pumpkin Saison” stood out as a unique an engaging take on a traditional fall style ale. But if I had to choose, hands down my favorite would have to be “A Waffle is a Pancake With a Syrup Trap”. Yup, you read that right. This Maple Cinnamon Amber Ale was perfect for this time of the year. Warming, refreshing, and perfectly sweet. You can’t go wrong with a spot on seasonal brew like this one!

Joe’s Favorite Brew

This was another tough brewery to pick a favorite—especially because their diverse menu offered almost one option from every mainstream style imaginable. In agreement with Jackie, the IPAs and sour were probably my least favorite. But I can see how hardcore drinkers of those styles might find them plenty palatable.

I think this brewery shines with its more distinct seasonal varieties. The “A Waffle is a Pancake With a Syrup Trap” was indeed fantastic, but my best brew award for today is going to the “Das Rock Oktoberfest”. Crisp, cool, and perfect for fall weather, I can’t imagine how you can call yourself a craft beer drinkers and without enjoying this perfectly refreshing brew!

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So what did we think of their other beers? The bathrooms? Crack a beverage of your own and join us on our podcast to hear our full review (and grade)!

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