First Impressions

There’s nothing quite like a little main street strip—packed with small shops, restaurants, and of course, a coffee roaster.

Flux Coffee in Farmingdale, New York is indeed a local staple. Recommended to us by a coffee-industry friend and supported by others we know who live in that area, it’s no surprise why this small specialty coffee hub stands out from your run-of-the-mill café.

The long, narrow interior squeezes in a ton of character for a potentially otherwise inconvenient feeling space. When you consider everything that one needs to operate such a complex business (ordering/prep counters, bathrooms, roasting equipment, and customer seating), it’s amazing that they’re able to include all these necessities along with aesthetic touches of charm.

Flux is surely made more spacious in the warmer months, with an outdoor area in the back to chill in the sun while you sip your drink of choice. No doubt, whether you choose to rest for a bit, or just grab your coffee to go, there’s a unique vibe here—and most importantly—some unique coffee options too!

Gotta love the fresh bean bags lining the counter!

But What About the Coffee?

Our favorite aspect of a specialty coffee roaster is most commonly, of course, the coffee. Few cafés can match the freshness, quality, and expert barista skills of such businesses.

At Flux, you will no doubt be served by professionals within this industry. While the vibe is certainly a fast-paced one, the final product is still something that both customer and consumer can be proud of and enjoy.

But how do their drinks stack up to the competition?

Jackie’s Drink

Cooler autumn weather is perhaps the ideal time for a warm, well-balanced latte. But which one to chose?

In my case, of course, I chose both: a maple latte and a lavender one. If I had to pick though, the clear winner would be the first. Fresh, sweet, and evenly flavored, the syrupy vibe is a perfect fit for the aforementioned season.

Others may prefer the lavender latte for their own reasons. But in my experience, it was a bit almost “oily” rather than the clean herby blend that I’m more accustomed to for that style of drink.

No doubt there are some great options here though, and many worth trying if one catches your attention!

Joe’s Drink

You know that things are going well when I have to try multiple pour over options from your menu. Indeed, the menu itself is sort of “hidden”—just a small plastic panel with the day/week’s awesome choices laid out for you. Nowhere did I see the words “pour over” mentioned.

If you are savvy enough to know to look for this almost secret menu though, then you won’t be disappointed. We tried both the Costa Rica Perla Negra and the Columbian Las Brisas, and boy, was it hard to decide which was our favorite!

The Columbian can easily be argued for, as the rich, dark, malty sweetness is a welcomingly warming sensation. But my favorite drink award has to go to the Costa Rica Perla: bright, fruity, and refreshing all at once; if you like quality coffee, you will not be disappointed by this or any of their other pour over options!

Listen to our Full Thoughts (and Grade)!

So what else did we think about their vibe? Their brews? The bathroom in the back by a roasting machine? What is our final “A” through “F” letter grade? Listen via the player below—or search for “A Grade” wherever you listen to podcasts to find out!

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