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As we continue working our way through the Covid era, not all businesses are reopening at the same pace. This process isn’t necessarily good or bad, although it does lead to some unique and uneven dining situations. While some places are basically back and hopping, others are taking a more conservative approach: plastic shield walls, closed interiors, and limited space all around.

Such is the situation at Dave’s Coffee in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Situated right around the corner from riverside parks and Brown University, this neighborhood certainly screams “local coffee roaster hotspot.” Given the cozy downtown surroundings, Dave’s does a great job offering some quality food and coffee despite their storefront currently working as (essentially) takeout only.

If you’re looking for some pretty great coffee and breakfast eats to go, Dave’s might indeed be the right choice for you. But with limited outdoor seating, no public restroom, and little opportunity to chat with barista experts, its sad to miss out on some of the finer elements we’re accustomed to enjoying at a local coffee roaster. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the beans. And so how does Dave’s brew stack up against the competition?

Not bad for a stroll around the corner!

But What About the Coffee?

The fact that this coffee location was closed except for the take-out window and with limited outdoor seating certainly made us wonder what to expect about the coffee itself.

But as we’ve learned over the podcast, don’t judge a bean by it’s storefront. And with Dave’s coffee, there were some interesting options in terms of both food and drink.

Jackie’s Drink

Always a sucker for an expertly crafted — and balanced — flavored latte, Dave’s “oatmeal cookie latte” was definitely one of the better brews I’ve had in a long time. That’s saying a lot, especially as we continue to explore new, diverse, and unique coffee roaster locations all around the country.

This latte was everything I look for in this style of drink: tasty flavors culminating in a distinct and delicious experience that I would absolutely return for — and 100% recommend to others!

Joe’s Drink

Alas, this was the first coffee roaster we’ve been to on the podcast where they didn’t have a pour over brewing option (my favorite method) — although we’ve been to others where this is the case in our previous travels.

Instead, I opted for my next go-to roaster brew: the classic Americano (basically, espresso with water). While this drink was certainly nothing to complain about, there was nothing that really stood out — especially in comparison to “A” grade coffee roasters we’ve been to around the country.

I would recommend to go with a latte, although if you are looking for fresh beans, you undoubtedly won’t be disappointed by any bag you choose to take home to make regular coffee to your delight!

Listen to our Full Thoughts (and Grade)!

What else did we think about our experience at Dave’s Coffee? What is our final “A” through “F” letter grade for this roaster? Did Joe freak out at the fact that there was no bathroom access? Listen via the player below — or search for “A Grade” wherever you listen to podcasts to find out!

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