Two weeks ago I headed down to The Foodery in Phoenixville for another craft beer tasting. They feature a new brewery almost every single week. I love this local place for this, as well as their extensive beer offerings.

This week’s featured brewery was Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, Conneticut.

I’ve had Two Roads before, at almost every beer festival I’ve been to, admittedly. I’m not sure why I haven’t featured them before, I really think I should have, looking back.

The beers have always been solid, previously having tried their Ol’ Factory Pils and Road 2 Ruin Double IPA, even liking Roadsmary’s Other Baby Pumpkin Ale (even though I’m not usually a fan of pumpkin beers).

Founded in 2012, Two Roads is a relatively young brewery. Started by four friends, each with an immense passion for brewing, Two Roads has been growing rather quickly, and veteran brewmaster Phil Markowski definitely seems to be at the top of his game.

Honeyspot Road IPA

Pours a very light, hazy yellow-gold with minimal creamy white head and the lightest of lacing. The aroma is nice, a sweet bready malt with grassy hops and citrus notes.

Lemon citrus flavors and piney hops balanced with a white pepper and wheat backbone. The aftertaste is almost sweet, with a nice spicy pepper finish.

This is a simple but very satisfying beer. With a light body, I could definitely see myself finishing more than few of these on a hot summer day, even at 6% ABV.

No Limits Hefeweizen

Similar to the last beer, this one pours a (a little less) hazy yellow-golden color fizzy white head that dissipates right away leaving behind no trace of lacing. The aroma is mostly bananas, cloves, and a bready malt backbone.

Flavor follows the aroma, with orange and lemon peel underneath bananas, cloves, and the wheaty malt body, along with hints of bubblegum throughout.

It’s light-bodied, slightly under-carbonated, and incredibly drinkable, as are most beer offerings from Two Roads Brewing Company.

Lil’ Heaven Session IPA

A pleasant unfiltered golden amber color with moderate carbonation. A thin, quickly dissipating white head that leaves little trace. Aromas evoking a freshly-mowed lawn meets lemon citrus and grapefruit first hit me.

The additional notes of tropical fruits and caramel can’t cover up a clear hop aroma. A lot going on here.

Now on to the tasting. Tropical fruits and citrus lead the charge with sweet malt in tow, followed by an earthy pine flavor. The bitter flavor builds as you drink, but never becomes overwhelming.

With a light to medium body, there is just the right amount of carbonation. This is an eminently sessionable IPA at 4.8% ABV. Perfect to fill the cooler for your next summer party.

Two Juicy Imperial/Double IPA

My favorite of the night. A very hazy yellow, but you can still just see through. Definitely less hazy than Northeast American IPAs I’ve had in the past.

Thick, foamy white head leaves the glass with thick, soapy lacing. Sweet smells waft from the tasting cup, with a mix of tropical and citrus fruits leading additional notes of green herbs and grassy hops.

Tasting start with a heaping dose of juicy tropical fruits, pineapple the strongest, with pleasant drying notes that keep it from ever getting too sweet.

Earthy and grassy hops bitter it up very nicely. This is another great IPA offering from Two Roads, I would say even that this is their best (at least of the ones I’ve had). Comparable to Sip of Sunshine, by Lawson’s Finest Liquids.


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