Rhode Island is the smallest state in America. You can travel the across the whole state from border to border in just over an hour.

So, I really have no excuse for not visiting The Tilted Barn Brewery which is about 35 minutes away. I grew up in RI and still live here today.

Breweries are opening their doors all over the state lately but, in my opinion, a few really stand out in the crowd. Tilted Barn Brewery is definitely on this list, if not right at the top!

Kara Richardson’s family owned and operated the farm for over 50 years and now she has continued the tradition with her husband Matt.

The farm started growing hops in 2007 for home brewers and local breweries. Ocean State Hops grew Cascade, chinook, centennial, Columbus, Willamette, and Newport right at the farm.

They are also a Christmas tree farm, make maple syrup, and lots of other ingredients used in their beers are farm grown right on the property.

Beers are named after their three children, Violet, Libby, and Milo. Tupelo and summit, their dogs can be seen around the property and you may even catch a glimpse of roast beef, the family cat!

Double IPA Excellence

The Other One is Tilted Barn’s Double IPA. A strong hop aroma is present within the style, and usually dry hopped also. Color can vary quite a bit depending on filtering, and typically a double IPA will maintain a solid head.

The flavor is obviously very hop forward, with enough maltiness  present to balance out all those hops. There’s a dry finish with a little bit of the alcohol present.

Bitterness on these big beers will fall between 60-120 ibu’s and alcohol by volume ranging from 7.5% to about 10%. Not something you’ll be able to drink all day!

The Other One Double IPA came in a 16oz can, which has become the norm these days. Slowly the traditional 6-pack 12 ounce cans are being replaced by 4-pack 16 ounce cans.

Personally I don’t like this trend, but that’s a whole other discussion. Back to the beer!

This double IPA poured a golden haze with a decent one finger head and lacing present on the glass. I could smell the tropical hoppiness as I poured this brew.

The Other One Double IPA

The Other One has the appearance of orange juice, and when I buried my nostrils in the vessel the mango and citrus had my mouth watering. Like Pavlov’s dog, the great aroma from the multiple dry hop additions had me drooling like a hound!

I dove into this one, like a kid jumping into a pool in august. “Wow” was the first thing that I uttered and then “wow” again, followed by “a juice explosion”.  So much flavor, a juicy grenade with the hoppiness right where a double IPA should be.

I found this to be one of the most flavorful double IPA’s I’ve ever tasted. The depth of the tropical notes was something new to my palate, so full. The finish on this was a little dry, as expected, with no lingering aftertaste.

I’d put this beer right on the level with Treehouse and Trillium. I’ve had two beers from Tilted Barn to date and both were so different from anything I’d tasted before. Originality has put this one in the elite tier for me.

I recommend getting some cans from Tilted Barn, you will not regret it!

  • ABV: 7.9%%
  • IBU: 83
  • Style: Double India Pale Ale
  • Rating: 4.7/5
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