The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is easily one of the best, if not the best Renaissance Faire in the country, and the pirates at Swashbuckler Brewing Company really make it stand out from the rest.

At the Faire, you can attend some spectacular live shows and concerts, interact with roving performers, play games and eat period food, and to top it off, you can try some excellent craft beer from Swashbuckler.

Of course, whenever I go with my wife to the Faire, my first stop is Anchor & Mermaid Wharf on the festival grounds for my first beer of the day. It’s not a good Renne Faire visit unless I walk around dressed like a pirate with a full mug of grog and a turkey leg.

This year was the first time I saw the Pirate’s Pale Ale available, apparently this was just released in June of this year.

They held a free, family-friendly release party for the new brew, organized to help raise funds for the Mastersonville Fire Company, who hope to build a new firehouse. They plan on holding another event next year around the same time.

Pirate’s Pale Ale is a textbook Pale Ale with an interesting coconut twist. I can definitely see myself drinking from here on out when I visit the Renne Faire. I used to go with the Swashbuckler Gold, which is their take on a German-style Kolsch Ale, but this new beer with it’s hoppy bite and tropical fruit character sold me.

This, like the other beers available at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, is eminently sessionable.

Brewed by the alesmiths at Swashbuckler with the intention of crafting a crisp and refreshing pale ale, when you try it you’ll know they succeeded. The special experimental variety of hops that they used puts it over the edge with that coconut flavor.




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