If you left your wallet in El Segundo, there is a strong chance you left it at El Segundo Brewing Company.

Founded over 7 years ago, El Segundo was formed due to an overwhelming love of hops and a desire to bring it to the local community.

El Segundo self-distributes their beers across Southern California (and luckily also through the Tavour app, which is where I got it).

They design batches to be on and right off the shelves within 6 weeks. If beers ever get to the 90 day mark, they pull it from the shelves and replace it with fresh product.

The bottled on dates are very important to El Segundo, stamped front and center on the bottles.

As they say at El Segundo Brewing Company: “Demand fresh beer – it’s better!”

Popping off the cap I pour my first glass of Surfin’ Bird Double IPA, a golden lager-colored pour with a slight haze, already looking like something I will enjoy.

The smell is just as inviting, tropical fruits alongside sweet crackery malt with citrus and pine hops.

The taste is not far from the smell, with more of a push to the pine hops, but citrus and tropical fruits are still making their presence known.

A medium-bodied beer with ample carbonation, you can’t tell its an 8% ABV. This is definitely in the running as one of my top five DIPAs.

The flavors are all well-balanced, working together in perfect harmony. Incredibly clean and crisp, this can appeal to hop newcomers and hopheads alike.

If I ever find myself in El Segundo, I’ll have to swing by the brewery. Their focus (and clear expertise) on the use of hops is a big selling point for me.


  • Style: Imperial/Double IPA
  • ABV: 8%
  • Taste: Citrus, hoppy
  • Rating: 4.6/5
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