Of the many craft breweries in Ontario, Canada, I have to say that Collective Arts knows how to draw one in with stylish can design. This fits their mission statement of combining the craft of brewing with the talents of artists and musicians.

The brewery runs different art on their cans in various series, with art being submitted online from talented artists around the world. The latest run of Prophets & Nomads, the Collective Arts Gose, features a unique sketch by Danica Lundy, from New York.

A Gose is a polarizing brew, with some critics going so far as analogizing it to “bull penis” and drinking sweat. I generally disagree, enjoying a nice sour to mix it up from some of the hoppier and heavier brews that I enjoy. Indeed, there are many strong advocates for the sour concoction, particularly as a summer treat.

Gose was first brewed in Germany centuries ago, and is notable for its profile of 50% or more malted wheat, with coriander and salt (naturally occurring or added) enhancing the flavour.

I admittedly grabbed Prophets & Nomads for something different, and because I enjoyed the can’s art. I wish that I could say that my vetting process for new beers to try is more rigid, but I have haphazard standards and like to try a bit of everything.

This is a bit of a difficult review to write, because I frankly wasn’t able to detect much complexity in the flavour. With a very low hoppiness and a mild sour tang, it is very drinkable, and would be an excellent patio beer on a hot day, served cold. I could see the sourness being off-putting if it was given the opportunity to warm, as is the case for many beers.

With the coriander and Himalayan pink salt being noted clearly on the can, I expected a more complex flavour profile. Instead, I got a very steady sour, low in funk, with hints of dryness (likely as a result of a mineral-rich salt).

While it did not blow me away, and it isn’t best suited as a fall pour, I would not hesitate to get this again, particularly if I was headed to a backyard BBQ or pool party.


  • ABV: 4.5%
  • IBU: 12
  • Style: Gose
  • Taste: Tangy and Sour
  • Rating: 4.0/5
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Ryan Heighton

Ryan Heighton

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