I’m calling it. Juicin’ is my beer of the summer.

New England IPAs have been spreading like wildfire across North American craft breweries. This is one fire that I do not want to be put out.

Using hops selected for their juiciness, New England IPAs are hazy and bursting with flavour.

Sometimes described as an “anti-IPA”, their emphasis is not on overwhelming hoppy flavour (despite the heavy use of hops), but on a smooth mouthfeel and a fruity or floral taste.

Any followers of my reviews will know that I am no stranger to Sawdust City Brewing Co. out of beautiful Gravenhurst, Ontario.

Many of their mainstay brews are easily located across the province, and with their fantastic online bottle shop, I can access many others in a matter of days.

Juicin’ is a summer seasonal concoction, which is incredibly well-suited to the season. It is also in high demand, and I had to wait for weeks to get some from the online shop. It sells fast!

Juicin NEIPA

While the great can art depicts juice being extracted from a peach, there is no detectable peach flavour. However, it has a velvety smooth mouthfeel and goes down remarkably smooth.

At a mid-range 6% ABV, this is one that could creep up on you as you drink one (dozen) on a patio.

Juicin’ is absolutely erupting with a very well-balanced juicy flavour, off-setting the hoppy bitterness. Stephanie’s review below speaks volumes, given that she is not a fan of hops, or IPAs.

At last check, Juicin’ was the second-highest rated New England IPA on Untappd in Canada, and with very good reason.

My only complaint about this fine brew is that the summer season is too short, and New England IPAs generally don’t age well, so I can’t really save any of this until later days (not that I would be able to, anyways).


  • ABV: 6.0%
  • IBU: 45
  • Style: New England IPA
  • Taste: Juicy and smooth
  • Rating: 4.8/5.0
  • Untappd Reviews


As a continuing feature of my reviews, each review will be followed by a one to two-line review from my wife, Stephanie. As a non-beer drinker, her reviews will be from the perspective of a “layperson” beer drinker.

Stephanie’s review:

“Not as hoppy as I thought it would be, based on how it smells. I could drink a half-pint of this. But no more.”

Ryan Heighton

Ryan Heighton

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