The boom of craft brewers in the past decade has really sparked innovation in the industry.

IPAs have become a staple of craft brewers, and with good reason. They bring a great deal of diversity and are highly influenced by the varieties and amounts of hops, and many other factors.

Last year in San Francisco, the brewmaster at Social Kitchen & Brewery decided to use the enzyme amyloglucosidase in a traditional IPA to reduce the sugar content. It is an enzyme that is commonly used in imperial stouts and boozier beers to reduce the sweetness so as not to be overwhelming.

By using the enzyme in a traditional IPA, the result is a bone dry brew with no residual sugar. The style has been dubbed a Brut IPA, reminiscent of the dry sparkling wine.

Recently, 5 Paddles Brewing Company in Whitby, Ontario unleashed Inner Sunset Brut IPA, their take on the style. I’ve long been a fan of 5 Paddles and their high quality products, and Inner Sunset is no exception.

It is very unique and unlike any other IPA I have tasted before. The dryness stands out with the lack of aftertaste, which is unique to the style. There is very little bitterness, but the hops still shine in this slightly hazy and bright brew.

The lack of sugar also makes it light and very drinkable. With only an inkling of bitterness, the fragrance of the hops stand out.

I will admit that the style is not my absolute favourite, it is done very well and adds a nice bit of diversity to the market (although I’m not going to complain about everyone and their dog brewing delicious, juicy New England IPAs).

This is definitely a must-try, much like nearly everything else that 5 Paddles creates (plus they are one of the magnificent Ontario Craft Brewers with an online bottle shop!).

  • ABV: 5.8%
  • IBU: 48
  • Style: Brut IPA
  • Taste: Dry, dry, dry, and hoppy
  • Rating: 4.2/5.0
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As a continuing feature of my reviews, each review will be followed by a one to two-line review from my wife, Stephanie. As a non-beer drinker, her reviews will be from the perspective of a “layperson” beer drinker.

Stephanie’s review:

*shaking her head* “Ugh.”

[She is not a fan of IPAs.]

Ryan Heighton

Ryan Heighton

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