Burlington Beer Company first came onto the craft beer scene in 2014 when they started producing their iconic white tallboys. I’ve heard good things before, just hadn’t come across them in any shops, so when I had a chance to try their hoppy wheat beer, Chasing Rabbits, at the Fonthill Castle Beer Festival, I hopped at the chance.

I also have to revisit a few of these other brews. I have notes and photos of about 50 beer from the last few festivals and just haven’t gotten to all of them yet. I definitely want to get back to the Sip Of Sunshine by Lawson’s Finest Liquids, and both Heady Topper and Focal Banger from the world-renowned Alchemist Brewery, all seen in the image below.

Hazy Honey-Gold with orange highlights. I wish this were poured with a bit more gusto, but we had a bartender who insisted on tilting the glass and ensuring as little head as possible. I know, I should have schooled him, but this was about 3/4 of the way through the beer festival and I was too buzzed to bother.

Looking up some other reviews on line, I wanted to get a better sense of how it looks with a proper pour. From a majority of the written reviews, it seems to have a healthy large white head, fading gradually to a solid cap, leaving behind moderate lacing on the glass.

Smells like a classic wheat ale, infused with grapefruit along notes of tangerine, orange, floral citrus, grass, and herbs. Clean smelling, with a sweet malt backbone.

Tastes almost exactly as it smells, the juice grapefruit and wheat ale coming through strongest, with the hoppy citrus (oranges and grapefruits) guiding you to the finish with the grass and spice following up. The pale malts and grains stand out, but aren’t ever too much.

Medium-bodied, smooth, clean, and crisp with well balanced carbonation. I can’t wait for the spring and summer months to come around again, as this will make a fantastic lawnmower beer. High drinkability and just the right amount of hoppiness to attract fans of india pale ales without scaring away the wheat ale fans. Will be trying this one again for sure.


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