Saisons are a historically working class beer. Brewed by Belgian farmers using only ingredients on hand, they hold a unique place in brewing history.

The recent trend in saisons from North American craft breweries has given us a range of quality. My experience has been that the lower the ABV, the less flavourful these beers come out.

However, the flavour can be lost in these unfiltered brews when the ABV peaks over 8.0%. The 3-Point Saison Farmhouse Ale from The Collingwood Brewery hits the sweet spot for me, both literally and figuratively.

The flavour starts almost honey-sweet with subtle citrus notes, while finishing with a very nice tartness. The result is a nicely balanced flavour.

The first thing that I noticed when I poured a can into a tulip-style glass was how little foam that I got. It was a very small amount, and settled very quickly. The carbonation was very subtle, which when combined with the flavour makes the 3-Point Saison very drinkable.

I enjoyed this particular can while cutting the grass and doing yard work, and it was particularly refreshing. This seems to be the wheelhouse for a Farmhouse Ale.

The saisons were originally an unfiltered brew that was produced for farm workers after a day in the field. For an interesting review of the “saison culture” in American craft breweries, check this out.

This unfiltered, murky saison fits the bill. It is an unassuming, refreshing brew from the relatively young brewery in the land of the Blue Mountains (which are really just big hills).

As a spring/summer seasonal brew, The Collingwood Brewery has a winner on its hands, which should please nearby cottagers and ensure this brewery’s staying power.


  • ABV: 7.0%
  • IBU: 20
  • Style: Farmhouse Ale
  • Taste: Refreshingly sour
  • Rating: 4.4/5
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Ryan Heighton

Ryan Heighton

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