On May 11, the Kimberton Fairgrounds once again hosted the Phoenixville Beer & Wine Festival. Now in it’s third year, the festival supports local nonprofits that directly benefit education and theater programs, animal shelters, and veteran programs.

Tickets are only $45 ($10 for designated drivers) – only available in advance. Like most festivals, tickets included unlimited sampling of some of the areas best beers, ciders, wine, spirits, and food.

Nearly 60 breweries were on hand in Phoenixville, including Brewery Ommegang, Crowded Castle, Highway Manor, Hopsgrove Beer, Iron Hill, Locust Lane, Sly Fox, Sterling Pig, Troegs and more, as well as more than a handful of cideries, with Dressler Estate, Rebel Seed Cider and Wyndridge Farm Cidery.

And of course we can’t forget the wine and spirits with distilleries and vineyards scattered throughout the festival, including Pennsylvania Distilling, The Revivalist Botanical Gin, Allegro Winery, Blue Mountain Vineyards, Grace Winery, Harvest Ridge Winery and Stone Barn Cellars.

This is one of my favorite festivals every year, probably helped by the fact that it’s within minutes of my home. Even so, there’s always some live music, the food options are great, there’s awesome variety in the drinks, with wine and liquor on the menu, and the location is always perfect for a beer festival. I’ll be back next year!


Food Options

Some usual suspects like Nicks Roast Beef and The Cow and the Curd were on hand serving food. For me the hard choice was between Grappling Crab Shack and Pizza Forno. I ended up choosing the pizza, and couldn’t have been happier with the decision. Maybe it was the beer, maybe I was hungry, but at the moment I thought it was the best piece of pizza I ever had. I’ll have to try it again to test that one.


Featured Beers


Logyard Brewing

Proper Notch

And of course now I’m forgetting this nice gentleman’s name, but he’s awesome. Super friendly, incredibly knowledgeable. Makes all the difference at a festival. And this poor guy is going it alone too, never has a partner at events. He’s a boss. Logyard Brewing is an awesome new(ish) brewery, specializing in hyper-local ingredients, native to the area.

As far as Proper Notch, a New England Style Double IPA, I couldn’t be happier. Sweet with floral hop notes, creamy, smooth and mellow with mild carbonation and a light bitterness. It hides the 8.1% ABV masterfully, making it dangerously easy to drink.


Modern Times


Pours hazy golden amber with a frothy off white head. Tropical fruit smoothie on the nose, with mango, tangerine, and bright lime zest. A soft, pillowy mouthfeel and yet somehow also crisp. Incredibly refreshing, I admit I went back for a few more. Modern Times IPAs are always an easy win.


Great Barn Brewery

Tropical Tantrum Mango Tangerine

Pours a lovely light golden color with moderate white head. Strong tangerine and sweet mango with a bitter finish. Perfect for a hot summer day.


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