The All Star Craft Beer & Wine Festival hit Citizens Bank Park for the second time this past Saturday, May 19th, offering attendees unlimited samples of craft beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails from more than 100 vendors in and around the stadium’s concourse.

Money raised at the festival helped to support the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police and the Barkann Family Healing Hearts Foundation. The Barkann Foundation provides financial aid to families who are in need due to recent adversity or tragedy. Donate to the Barkann Foundation today.

I wasn’t able to personally attend the event, but I sent two good friends (Peter and THEaquemeni himself, Roddrick) in my absence, who were more than happy to attend a beer festival and report back on their experiences.

Entertainment was provided throughout the afternoon and early evening, with DJ sets, live jazz, and sets from local and regional bands and solo musicians. Beer, wine, and liquor samples were available inside and outside of the stadium, with food available from all of the usual stadium vendors, like Chickie & Pete’s, Tony Luke’s, and others.

Pricing was usual for stadium food, so outside vendors and food trucks were sorely missed. It would be nicer if there were a bit fewer people, but the event was rather spread out, and having the event at Citizen’s Bank Park really seemed to have contributed to a very cool and energetic atmosphere where people were having fun and enjoying the fest, even with the crowds.

The drawback of a spread out and crowded event is the ever-present feeling of FOMO. The fear of missing out on something available at the festival is very high here, with several stands out of their more popular choices before you even get there. It’s always a bit disappointing for that to happen.

As with any beer festival, we wish there were more brewery employees represented, rather than just pourers for distribution companies or employees of the stadium. Us beer junkies want to talk to someone who at the very least knows about the beer they are pouring.

Overall, this is a fantastic event, highly recommended to attend in the future. Keep your groups small, 3-4 people, not groups of 10 or more, it will ruin your fun, as well as the fun of those around you. Keep it tight, keep it moving, and you can really have an awesome experience.


Our Favorite Beers and Vendors


Bira 91

Bira 91 was formally launched in February 2015 as an alternative to the international brews imported to India with quirky and contemporary packaging.

Bira White was low in bitterness with a hint of spicy citrus and a soft finish. A refreshing craft session beer. Bira Blonde is rich in color, extra malty and high hopped with a delicate aroma and pleasantly bitter hop flavors.


Great Barn Brewery

It doesn’t get any more farm to glass than at Great Barn Brewery. The first farm microbrewery in Bucks County, Great Barn is nestled in the historic town of New Hope, PA. Great Barn is known for their incredibly fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Their beer is always a favorite of ours, especially Where the Delaware Am I?, their award-winning flagship IPA.

No, that’s not one of us in that snazzy American-themed suit. This is a shot from the instagram account of Great Barn Brewery themselves, clearly having a ball at the All Star Craft Beer Festival. This is one brewery that is on my list of must-visits in the next year.


Moss Mill Brewing Company

Moss Mill is an exciting young brewery from Huntingdon Valley, PA. Their goal is to create collaboration-centric brews with a focus on community input. They even want to help the local independent and amateur brewing community by sharing their lab space with anyone who needs it. What’s not to like about them?

Their flagship American light lager, the MossMill Lager, is an outstanding example of the style. Crisp, clean, no-frills about it. The perfect lager for fans of macro and craft alike.


Philly Homebrew Outlet

You’ve got to love the DIY spirit at Philly Homebrew Outlet, specializing in beer, wine, cheese and charcuterie making equipment and ingredients as well as home and professional bar equipment.

Always happy to help local amateur brewers and DIY aficionados, they even started the Philly Homebrew Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to home fermented beer, wine, and much more, meeting once every month with special events throughout the year.


Cape May Distillery

Not far from The Craft Beer Diaries favorite Cape May Brewing Company is the Cape May Distillery. Cape May County’s first craft distillery, they produce a wide variety of handcrafted spirits, including rum, whiskey, gin, and even honey spirits.

The craft spirit is definitely alive in Cape May. Sampling their Prohibition Gin, Toasted Coconut Rum and Blueberry Rum. we were treated to some fantastic smooth and flavorful liquors.


Bespoke Bacon

Beer Bacon Jam. One of those things you never knew existed, but once you learn about it – you don’t know how you lived without it.

Made with Prism Brewing’s Insana Stout beer, combined with muscovado sugar, Vidalia onions, and Bespoke Bacon’s own house bacon, it is the perfect compliment for grilled sandwiches, fish or for use as a light spread on a cracker. Smoky, tangy, and oh so bacon-y. Comes in a variety of flavors too!


Growler Grips

The patent pending GrowlerGasket™ from GrowlerGrips lets you easily upgrade the most common jug-style growler with an improved gasket that seals in freshness. Not only will it keep your growler fresh for longer, but they have a personlized version with easily swapped medallions.

Many times I’ll have multiple growlers in the fridge I can’t tell apart, having these medallions would be pretty cool so that I could easily tell them apart, instead of the current taped post-it note solution currently employed.


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