Beer drinkers in Eastern Ontario should all hold a place in their hearts for Beau’s Brewing Company. This 11-year-old brewery has been a model for the region’s aspiring brewer and become a regular for drinkers here.

Since 2006, it’s become the largest craft brewer in the region, with more than 5M liters produced each year and product in seven Canadian provinces and in New York state.

One of the brewery’s trademarks is its relentless drive to experiment with new beers and styles.

While some breweries stick to what they know, Beau’s is constantly adding and subtracting beers from its lineup (as I look at their website now, there are eight beers in addition to its signature Lug Tread lagered ale: three pale ales, a milk stout, a Belgian ale, a gruit, and a farmhouse ale).

Their newest offering is part of a series of special beers celebrating Ottawa’s 150th anniversary as Canada’s capital city with collaborative beers — dare I say collabeerations?

This one is a bee-friendly farmhouse ale called Cross Pollination. The brewery is delivering a portion of sales to “The Butterflyway Project”, a project of the David Suzuki Foundation that seeks to increase wildflower patches across the country.

“Cross Pollination” is (the release says — I haven’t yet tasted it) a Belgian-style farmhouse ale that has been brewed with organic honey and organic essential bee balm oil.

This fits in with Beau’s certified organic operation. The use of Belgian Saison yeast gives the beer some mild spiciness.

Beau’s is releasing one of these beers each month. If you love beer, and you love butterflies (and who doesn’t?), give it a try.

Bob LeDrew

Bob LeDrew

Bob LeDrew has gone from bootlegged bottles of Alexander Keith’s as a teenager to living in an Ottawa neighbourhood within a short bike ride of six microbreweries. Bob enjoys beer, whisky, and writing about himself in the third person, when he’s not writing about someone else in the third person or playing a ukulele.
Bob LeDrew
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