I am embarrassed, frankly, that I still haven’t published anything about Conshohocken Brewery yet. I’ve come across them at just about every single beer festival I attended this summer and fall, at the Philly Zoo Summer Ale Fest, the Fonthill Castle Beer Festival, and the Elmwood Park Zoo Oktoberfest, among others.

This seems like a perfect opportunity to knock a bunch of them off my list, as Conshohocken Brewery was scheduled for a tasting at local craft beer hotspot in Phoenixville, PA: The Foodery (best selection of craft beers in the area!).

Located in (you guessed it!) Conshohocken is their Brewery and Tap Room, home to their 15-BBL production brewing system. They also have a small brewpub and riverfront seasonal beer garden in Bridgeport, PA with its own 3-BBL brewing system where they turn out incredibly inventive small batch beers.

I’ve been to the tap room (I have to return for a proper flight or two), but I have yet to visit the brewpub, though I hear great things about it. Below is a shot borrowed from the Conshohocken Brewing Company’s website to show you their taproom.

The night for the tasting finally came around, and I was in my own slice of beer heaven, IPAs for days. Angela from Conshohocken Brewery was in the store with a few of my brewery favorites, and some I had never heard of. One of these days I’ll have to get to the brewery and give everything they have a try.

I will make these a bit shorter than the average review, I’m sure you have more important things to do today than listen to me babble on about these beers. Even if you decide to stop here, at least scroll down and make note of the beer names, they are all top-notch and should be added to any beer drinkers wish list (particularly the hop fans out there).


Life Coach Session India Pale Ale Review

An approachable (and sessionable) IPA that absolutely anyone can drink (Yes, I mean you, hop-phobes). Aromas of floral hops, malts, yeast, and citrus fruits. Tastes of a juicy orange citrus and tangerine sweetness followed by a slight bitter finish. The flavors are bold, but the bitters are not. Light-bodied with a creamy mouthfeel, this session IPA is a great choice for any cooler.


Type A India Pale Ale Review

Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops come together in Conshohocken Brewing Company’s attempt at a west-coast style IPA. With a beautiful and vibrant golden-orange pour, you can immediately smell the sweet tropical fruits. Grapefruits, oranges, and mangoes dominate the scene. Citrus and pineapple add to the complexity.

Pineapple and dry orange with malty undertones in front, with a dry citrus and grassy hops taking the stage as you finish. The bitters and sweets are well-balanced, with a wonderful malty mouthfeel in the end and a medium body, significant but not filling.

It is for good reason that I stock my fridge with Type A whenever possible.


EZ-E India Pale Ale Review

Pours a hazy golden-orange with aromas of pineapple and other tropical fruits alongside grasses and floral hops. Tastes exactly as it smells, with the tropical fruit flavors (mostly pineapple), grassy notes, and floral hop bitterness in the backend.

Incredibly juicy, this beer has a decidedly creamy mouthfeel, and leaves you tasting the hop bitterness for some time after.


P-Ville Double India Pale Ale Review

Hooray Phoenixville! Conshohocken Brewing Company’s upcoming Phoenixville location is the inspiration for the P-Ville Double India Pale Ale. Whirlpooled and dry-hopped with citra and simco hops, this unfiltered DIPA pours a glorious hazy orange, with strong citrus and pine aromas wafting from the pour.

A perfectly juicy, bitter IPA, with pineapple, orange, and grapefruit flavors playing on the tongue, with a bitter pine finish. You can tell the hop content is high, but the hops don’t ever bite (too hard). To all the hopheads out there – you need to give this a try.


Ease Up Dry-Hopped Saison Review

I am in no way a fan of the saison style of beer. However, with this dry-hopped saison, I may have found the first one I really and honestly enjoyed. Pours with a hazy golden-amber body, strong white head with decent lacing.

Floral, citrus, and spicy aromas and a hoppy, floral, peppery taste (with the slightest fruity notes of pineapples and mangoes). Finishes bitter and dry. Not your typical saison, but that’s probably why I like it so much.

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