Step aboard the historic Battleship New Jersey, and let me take you on a journey back to the classic rock era as we recap the unforgettable “WMGK Brew Blast on the Battleship” that took place on Saturday, September 9, 2023. This iconic event, hosted by the beloved classic rock radio station 102.9 WMGK, promised an afternoon of music, camaraderie, and an impressive array of craft beers on the picturesque Delaware River.

Before diving into the details of the event, it’s essential to acknowledge the remarkable setting—the Battleship New Jersey. This legendary vessel, known as “America’s most decorated battleship,” has a storied history dating back to World War II. Now a floating museum, the Battleship New Jersey offers a unique backdrop with panoramic views of the Delaware River and the Philadelphia skyline.

With over 50 beers on tap, the WMGK Brew Blast was a craft beer lover’s paradise. Attendees had the opportunity to savor a wide range of brews, from classic favorites like Yuengling and Sierra Nevada to local gems like Evil Genius and Urban Village. Even Jersey Shore’s beloved MudHen made an appearance, bringing a taste of the shore to the ship deck.

What made this event even more exciting was the expansion of offerings by some breweries. Spirits and hard seltzers joined the party, adding a spirited twist to the classic beer lineup. With such a diverse selection, there was something to please every palate.

The soundtrack for the day was provided by 102.9 MGK’s house band, Incognito. These talented musicians had the honor of winning the WMGK House Band Competition in 2022, earning them a coveted spot at events like the Brew Blast. Their classic rock tunes filled the air, setting the perfect mood for the occasion.

Radio hosts Steve Vassalotti and Andre Gardner, representing WMGK, engaged with listeners and shared their passion for classic rock. It was a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with the voices they’ve been tuning in to for years. As attendees savored their brews and enjoyed the music, there was also delicious food available for purchase, ensuring that no one went hungry during this celebration of beer and rock ‘n’ roll.

Getting to the Battleship New Jersey was a breeze, thanks to convenient transportation options provided by Riverlink Ferry, Riverline Light Rail Train, and PATCO. These options ensured that all attendees could arrive and depart safely. A little impending hurricane somewhat made the last hour a wet one, but it couldn’t dampen the spirits of Brew Blast enthusiasts, as the event was rain or shine. The dedication of both the organizers and the attendees made sure that the celebration concluded safely.

The WMGK Brew Blast on the Battleship was a fantastic fusion of classic rock, craft beer, and history. It brought together beer enthusiasts, music lovers, and radio fans in a unique setting that celebrated both the rich traditions of classic rock and the innovative spirit of craft brewing. It’s an event that left a lasting impression, and we look forward to future Brew Blasts aboard this iconic battleship.

Cheers to another successful year!

The Beer


Three 3s Brewing Company

Solstice Cold IPA by Three 3s Brewing Company is a refreshing cross-continental brew that seamlessly blends the vibrant hop profiles of New Zealand and the Pacific Northwest to create an approachable, everyday delight. With aromatic notes of zesty lime and lemongrass dancing alongside a hint of that signature American hop dankness, this beer offers a light body and a moderate bitterness that leads to a crisp, clean finish. It’s a truly crushable choice, making it perfect for any occasion and a particularly enjoyable companion on a hot summer day.

Hazy Life Coach

Conshohocken Brewing Company

Hazy Life Coach by Conshohocken Brewing Company is a staple in my home fridge – a hazy IPA that consistently delivers. Pouring a cloudy, pale gold, it entices with tropical and citrus aromas. The taste is a burst of tangerine, grapefruit, and tropical fruits, perfectly balanced with hop bitterness. It offers a smooth, medium body and a clean, refreshing finish. This beer is a must-try for hazy IPA enthusiasts and a trusty go-to for any occasion.

Hippo-Lantern Pumpkin Ale

River Horse Brewing Company

Hipp-O-Lantern Pumpkin Ale from River Horse Brewing Company pleasantly surprised me at a beer festival, despite not being a fan of pumpkin-flavored brews. It expertly balances real ingredients like pumpkin puree, spices, and toffee malts, avoiding the usual spice overload. With its smooth texture, harmonious flavors, and well-rounded profile, it’s a standout fall choice. Its amber appearance and intriguing aroma draw you in, while the subtly sweet and spiced flavors make it a unique and enjoyable seasonal brew that’s worth a try, even for those not typically drawn to pumpkin ales.

The Long Weekend

Double Nickel Brewing Company

The Big Weekend from Double Nickel Brewing Company is a hazy double IPA that brings a delightful complexity, with notes of orange, papaya, and apricot over a sweet malt base, striking a perfect balance; this well-crafted brew boasts a 9% ABV but remains remarkably drinkable, offering a smooth, full-bodied experience with a creamy cap of foam, making it an impressive choice for those seeking a rewarding hazy IPA, perfect for weekend celebrations or casual evenings – it’s a true standout in the world of double IPAs.

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