When I first started drinking beer, way back in the 1980’s – man, that was last century! – I did pretty much like any new beer drinker/just turned legal age drinker did, and started with the usual suspects.

Budweiser, Tennents Lager (a Scottish aberration but one that my parents drank, so who was I to argue?), and Scottish Pale Ale.

For an 18-year-old tasting beer for the first time, this was heaven. It made me feel good (if a little bloated), and my friends and I would spend many an evening and weekend in the local bar, supping away, feeling grown up.

At some stage – maybe in my late 20’s – I was introduced to single malt whisky, and I never looked back. THIS was what drinking was all about – not that crappy American beer, or that disgusting lager I drank because it seemed the natural thing to do.

Nope, single malt whisky was where it was at, and that was that.

Of course, I hadn’t tasted real beer. I hadn’t tasted craft beer.

A Beer Awakening

It wasn’t until I moved to Canada in 2006 that I started to discover different beers, in what was to become my introduction to the craft beer scene.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the brewers I thought were just Canadian (and that was the reason I hadn’t heard of them in the UK) were actually far more than that.

Dedicated craft brewers, making the kind of beer that big corporations has long forgotten about.

Dedicated to experimentation, extra strength, a mixture of flavours and ingredients that only true maestros ever attempt.

I’ve never looked back since.

Since then, the craft beer industry continues to grow, with validation coming from the big corporate brewers buying craft brewers to keep up with the changing beer landscape.

This is where The Craft Beer Diaries comes in.

You Love Craft Beer, We Love Craft Beer

We’re a small team of craft beer lovers who are as passionate about great beer and local beer as the brewmasters are when it comes to sharing the beauty of craft beer with the world.

We’re not beer snobs. We’re not professional tasters. We’re simply folks that appreciate what real beer should taste like, and want to help the people that make it find more fans.

Here, you’ll find nothing but honest reviews about the craft beers we drink, along with interviews with those making that beer.

We’ll also share upcoming events, and highlight the pubs and bars that offer a true craft beer experience for the dedicated craft beer drinker.

Let the good times begin. Cheers!

Danny Brown
Founder of The Craft Beer Diaries. Husband. Father. Part-time procrastinator. On a mission to help others discover the delight of, and passion behind, great craft beer. Favourite beers: IPAs, Belgian Trappist, porters.
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