Now and again, a beer comes along that just blows you away, and you genuinely dread the last sip. Titania Imperial Stout, from Sawdust City Brewing Co in the heart of cottage country, Ontario, is one such beer.

I was given the heads up on this by fellow Craft Beer Diaries team member Ryan Heighton, who posted in our team’s Facebook group about his experience with Titania:

Holy shit! 5/5!

Now, Ryan isn’t one to give away praise like that on just anything, so, of course, I had to try this for myself. Especially given this was another bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout, a style I’ve enjoyed immensely over the winter months.

And, as per usual, Ryan was bang on the money – Titania is a beer where there really is nothing to fault.

Using their Long Dark Voyage to Uranus Imperial Stout as the base, Sawdust city then age the brew in Heaven Hill Kentucky Bourbon barrels to give it a warming, bourbon-infused glow.

The dark chocolate and coffee from Long Voyage to Uranus remain, but now they’re complemented by vanilla, the bourbon mentioned earlier, a hint of coconut, and an oaky tang.

Titania Imperial Stout

It’s what they’ve added that really makes this Imperial Stout stand out – Coffee Station cold brew coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, lactose, and cayenne. It’s that last addition that helps this drink stay with you long after your final sip.

The cayenne really does offer a glorious peppery bite, and leaves your mouth tingling until the next sip. This is a beer meant for the cold.

Released in a limited run, I’m off to order some more online once I hit publish on this review. Given I won’t be back up in the Muskoka region (where Sawdust City are located) until the summer, I don’t want to risk not enjoying this beer at least one more time.

As I mentioned at the start, it’s not often you get a beer where you really can’t pick any faults, but Titania is one such beer. Kudos, Sawdust City – that’s one hell of a brew you have there.


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