I really like Bellwoods Jelly King in general, so I like to try all of the different variations they’ve been putting out with different fruits.

I just happened to be passing by the brewery earlier today and noticed they had a new Strawberry and Rhubarb flavour of Jelly King, so I decided to pick one up and give it a try.

I was not disappointed.

The first thing you notice when you pour it is that it doesn’t look like your average beer. It’s incredibly cloudy and has a reddish hue to it.

I later looked up the beer online to find that Bellwoods adds real strawberry and rhubarb puree into the end of a batch of Jelly King to make this, so that would explain the look, but at the time I thought it looked more like pink grapefruit juice than beer.

You can feel the puree when you take your first sip too. At the time, I noted that it tasted creamy. Not felt creamy, but tasted it. It felt a bit thicker and heavier than previous versions of Jelly King.

The creaminess of it worked well because the strawberry flavour was strong and when they combined it reminded me a lot of strawberry jam.

The end of the taste is where the sour flavour comes in though and you can feel it in the bottom of your cheeks and makes you pucker a little bit just as you finish the sip. 

I couldn’t really taste the rhubarb so much, but probably because those flavours just blend together so well. It also didn’t take anything away from me enjoying this beer.

The strangest part was when I wasn’t taking sips of it, but doing something else and looking at it every once in awhile. I could still taste the beer in my mouth, but because I think the look of it was messing with me, it seemed to leave an aftertaste like pink grapefruit in my mouth.

Overall I really liked this beer. It’s probably one of my favourite Jelly King flavours yet. But who knows, I may say that about the next one Bellwoods makes too. They’re all so good.


  • ABV: 5.6%
  • Style: American Wild Ale
  • Taste: Strawberry
  • Rating: 4.5/5
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Sheldon Levine

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