I’m dedicating this review to my friend Darren Boyle who thinks I review too many IPAs, so this is for you Darren in all its malty goodness.

Deep in Toronto’s Leslieville is a small storefront brewery called Radical Road Brewing Company. I’ve driven past, rode past on the 501 streetcar, and even walked past, but never been in.

I made up for that earlier oversight recently on the eve of my birthday back in August, and I was blown away with what I tried.

Today we’re talking about their Irish Red Ale, a semi-seasonal beer for Radical Road. Usually brewed late winter/early spring for St. Patrick’s Day, Radical Road brewed a batch in late August and I fell in love with this beer.

On pouring, Irish Red has a dark amber reddy brown colour with a white head. It looks the part of being an Irish Red Ale.

Radical Red

What’s really nice about this Irish Red is the use of West Coast Hops. it plays with the taste profile a bit, keeping the sweetness in check. Of course being a dark amber, the Radical Road Irish Red rewards you with a nice malt forward taste.

Drinking this beer I’m thinking hamburgers, steak, something filling when the weather is getting chillier.

In terms of availability, The Irish Red is available via the Radical Road Brewery online shop, at the brewery proper in 473 ml tall boy cans, and of course on tap. I should stress this is a seasonal beer, it will come and go in the rotation.

For those looking for a change of pace from the usual IPAs or leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, like I said with Orange Snail Rattle ‘n’ Nemo review back in the spring, give an Irish Red a try.


  • Beer Style: Irish Red Ale
  • ABV: 5%
  • IBU: Not referenced
  • Rating: 4.5/5
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