Just a short drive north of New York City in Westchester County, Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. is producing over 28,000 barrels of beer annually, the largest brewery in the area by a wide margin.

Founded in 2006 by Scott Vaccaro, Captain Lawrence wasted no time making a name for themselves, winning their first GABF medal in 2007, and seven more since. Captain Lawrence brews at a record pace, some years having produced over 100 different beers.

With the label design, the seeing eye hops raining down from the sky, of course it reminded me of The Suicide Squad, so I had to pull out my (admittedly reproduction of the) Starro The Conquerer issue of The Brave and the Bold: Justice League America. Luckily my son also had an appropriately colored Brave and the Bold style batman for me to use!

Hindsight, I would have actually cleared out the background so it wasn’t so busy – so many elements already, but I still had fun making it! It’s nice to act like a kid sometimes.

“I was happy floating, staring at the stars” -Starro (The Suicide Squad)

Pours a hazy, golden hue with light white head that sticks to the glass with thick lacing. A light floral aroma with stone fruits wafts from the glass, potent but quickly fading. Tropical and with a punch of floral hops on the nose.

The taste is similar, with the floral hops, stone fruits and juicy tropical notes, honeydew melons and pineapples mixing beautifully on the palate. A dry and sweet finish with some sticky lingering tropical goodness and low carbonation.

Overall, another quality beer from Captain Lawrence Brewing Company. Full flavor DIPA, fresh and quite delicious. I just can’t find a bad beer from this brewery, it is rapidly rising on the personal favorites list constantly evolving in my head.

After 10 years of brewing, the one thing we have learned is people want flavor – and they want it big. This big ABV IPA is loaded with hop flavor and aroma. Unfiltered, unspoiled, and unbelievably delicious.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.
Andrij Harasewych
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