This is a delicious stout, the end. Okay, there is much more behind this particular beer than just that.

Toronto beer fans anticipated Godspeed Brewery on the eastern edge of Toronto’s Little India since the rumours of Luc Bim Lafontaine of Dieu du Ciel fame from Montreal was setting up shop in Toronto last year.

This is the outcome from the first run of beer. I really hope it sticks around in the second brewing batch.

While this looks like Guinness, this stout is on a different level. Brewed in a much smaller batch this has the real stout flavour missing with the global giant, I gravitate to the craft brewery stouts for that reason.

From the first sip, you get an almost smoky note along with a faint coffee and oatmeal taste. This is a beer to go with hearty meat dishes and enjoyed when the nights are getting cooler.

Coming in with an ABV of 4.7% Godspeed’s Stout won’t knock you over compared some Imperial Stouts out there.

As I mentioned above, this is a delicious stout, light years ahead of its corporate cousin, and only available at the brewery, and worth the trip to Toronto’s Little India.

To my understanding, this beer will be replaced with a porter with the next batch, which I can’t wait to try as well. So you better get down there quick to grab a few cans!


Bill Smith
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Bill Smith
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